Don't-Miss Servers Stories

AMD winning commercial market share

AMD executives want to have one-fifth of the server market by the end of this year. The company believes they will lead the industry with quad-core performance per watt in 2007 and be the number one provider of new clients in 2009.

Kano intros X-SPAND IP iSCSI storage appliance

Kano has introduced its X-SPAND IP line of iSCSI-based network storage appliances.

NAB: Vmirror protects Xserve RAID data

Vmirror is a new mirroring system for Xserve RAIDs.

XRackPro reduces noise from rack mounted hardware

GizMac Accessories plans a new 4U enclosure for rack mounted gear that includes noise reduction hardware.

Analysis: Intel news hints at future Apple products

At its Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, Intel gave its PC industry customers and partners a detailed look at its upcoming roadmap and new technologies. And several of Intel's announcements have implications for Apple's hardware offerings.

Terra Soft offers Xserve bioinformatics cluster

Terra Soft Solutions now offers a pre-configured eight-node Xserve cluster set up for bioinformatics.

Plextor offers network attached storage

Plextor has introduced new NAS devices that are Mac and PC-compatible.

ReadyNAS NV offers 2 terabytes of network storage

The ReadyNAS NV offers up to 2TB of network attached storage.

South Park makers turn to Apple for new storage setup

South Park Studios has made the switch to Apple's Xserve RAID storage systems.

Florida A&M cluster uses G5s, InfiniBand

Florida A&M's new LIMIT supercomputing cluster was built using Apple Xserve G5s and Small Tree Communications' Infiniband networking technology.

Apple offers Xsan 1.2 updates

pple has posted Xsan 1.2 updates, for its Storage Area Networking (SAN) technology.

Small Tree offers 10Gb Ethernet solution for Xserve G5

Small Tree has introduced a new 10 gigabit Ethernet solution for Apple's Xserve G5.

IBM holds on to Top500 supercomputer lead

IBM dominates the latest list of the world's fastest computers, taking the top three spots on the Top500 list.