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Oracle deploys Xserve RAID internally

In a presentation to be given later this week at OracleWorld in San Francisco, Calif., Oracle Corp. will outline its Resilient Low-Cost Storage Initiative. After including Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve RAID in the product testing, Oracle has chosen to deploy Apple's solution internally to run the Oracle Collaboration Suite application for e-mail, voicemail and calendar, Oracle officials will reveal.

Xserve shipments soar 119 percent; trend likely to continue

Shipments of Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve 1U rackmount server soared in the third quarter of 2004, growing 119 percent over the same period last year, according to a report by market research form Gartner Dataquest. Analysts expect triple digit growth for the Xserve could continue into 2006 before it levels off.

Apple updates G5 firmware, Xserve RAID Admin Tools

Apple on Wednesday released Xserve RAID Admin Tools 1.3.2 and Power Mac G5 (June 2004) Firmware Update 5.1.8f7. The former is required for users employing an Xserve RAID in an Xsan environment -- it improves general reliability and integration with Xsan cluster file system software, adds support for 400GB hard drives and fixes several bugs. The company did not provide specifics for the latter. Both updates, which require Mac OS X v10.2.8, can be downloaded from the relevant links.

Apple releases Fibre Channel Utility Update

System administrators who take care of Macs equipped with Fibre Channel host bus adapters may be interested in Apple's new Fibre Channel Utility v1.0.3 update. Fibre Channel host adapters are high speed interconnect interfaces used most commonly in conjunction with storage systems. The Xserve requires a Fibre Channel card to connect to an Xserve RAID storage system, for example.

Mac-based supercomputer drops to 7th place on Top500

With performance almost double that of the Earth Simulator, in Yokohama, Japan, IBM Corp.'s Blue Gene/L on Monday was officially ranked first on the Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers. IBM built four of the top ten machines on the biannual list, which was set to be announced Monday evening at the SC2004 conference in Pittsburgh. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University reappeared on the list, finishing in seventh position five months after dropping off the June list because of a hardware upgrade to Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve systems. Virginia Tech's "SuperMac" system reported a benchmark of 12.25 teraflops.

System X supercomputer speeds up almost 20 percent

Virginia Tech's all-Mac System X supercomputer, installed at the university's Terascale Computing Facility, made headlines last year when it was determined to be the third-fastest supercomputer in the world. System X has been upgraded to Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve G5 server and now runs even faster, with a sustained speed of 12.25 trillion operations per second -- 19 percent faster than before.

LaCie offers new 20-inch LCD, storage

LaCie on Thursday introduced the LaCie 321 Monitor, a 21.3-inch LCD display that provides a color gamut equivalent to a CRT. The company also introduced the 800GB LaCie Ethernet Disk and new external hard disk drives that use Serial ATA (SATA).

Apple Xserve RAID upped to 5.6 terabytes

Apple on Tuesday announced that its Xserve RAID storage system is now available with up to 5.6 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity -- up from 3.5TB in previous models. Apple has also received certification for the Xserve RAID from Cisco and SUSE Linux, and has optimized the RAID system to work with Apple's own Xsan Storage Area Network (SAN) file system.