Don't-Miss Servers Stories

Apple quietly adds new Mac Pro and Xserve configurations

In order to bring a little more parity to the Mac lineup, Apple has added new CPU and storage configurations to the Mac Pro and memory and storage configurations to the Xserve.

British hotel integrates Macs into your stay

Macworld UK takes a tour of the Bermondsey Hotel, where the TVs have been replaced by iMacs networked to an in-house Xserve.

Cloud Engines updates Pogoplug media sharing device

On Friday, Cloud Engines introduced the second generation of its Pogoplug multimedia sharing device. The Pogoplug is designed to plug into your home or small office network and let you access and share content of USB hard drives over the Internet using a standard Web browser.

Apple releases server diagnostic tool for Snow Leopard

Apple Server Diagnostics 3X106 will test servers running Mac OS X Server 10.6 for hardware issues. looks at the Mac mini server

The new Mac mini server configuration gets the hairy eyeball from the folks at, the experts in Mac mini co-location.

Must-have apps for iPhone photographers

Lo-fi iPhone phone photography is gaining respect as a legitimate art form. Make your shots gallery-worthy with these apps.

Xinet unveils updated asset management tools

Xinet released new versions of its digital asset management and video asset management systems.

Intel ahead of schedule with new Xeon server chips

Intel could start shipping its next-generation Xeon quad-core server chips to system makers by the first quarter of 2010.

HP boosts Mac integration with new MediaSmart home servers

HP has introduced two new MediaSmart home servers with expanded Mac, iPhone and iPod integration.

Apple rolls out iMac graphics, RAID card firmware updates

The iMac Graphics FW Update improves system stability in iMacs with an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT graphics card. And the Apple RAID Card Firmware Update offers improvements for Mac Pros and Xserves with an Apple RAID Card.

Server vendors see sharp declines in shipments, revenue

This year continues to be tough for server vendors, which have seen dramatic declines in business, according to analysts IDC and Gartner.

ArchiveConnect offers enterprise-level file archiving

ArchiveConnect is available -- it's an enterprise-level file archive system that works using a Finder plug-in.

Oracle aims to be the Apple of data center hardware

Oracle's recent $7.4 billion bid for Sun Microsystems could turn Sun's ailing hardware business into a boon for data-center managers.