Don't-Miss Servers Stories

Post.Office mail server compatible with Leopard

Post.Office, the Mac OS X mail server from Tenon, has been updated with Leopard compatibility.

ExpressBox4 hooks up to 4 PCI Express cards

The ExpressBox4 is an external chassis that can accommodate up to 4 PCI Express cards.

Apple updates Xsan software to 2.1

Apple has updated its Xsan software -- storage area network software for Mac OS X Server.

New Mac OS X Server backs iPhone clients

Apple’s new server Mac OS X server software, code-named Snow Leopard, will have a new file system and new features to deliver content to iPhones.

XRackPro2 Studio rack coming soon

GizMac is offering a new version of its XRackPro2 designed to accommodate studio equipment and home entertainment gear.

Parallels Server Beta 3 now available

Parallels Server beta 3 adds new features and functionality like integrated tools, an API and SDK, CLI and more.

Adobe releases Flash Media Rights Management Server

Adobe on Wednesday announced the release of the Flash Media Rights Management Server software to help large companies protect their Flash-based content.

Intel to deliver six-core Xeon processor this year

Intel confirmed that it would ship the six-core Xeon processor in the second half of this year, putting to rest rumors about its actual ship date.

Analysis: The end of the line for Xserve RAID

Apple’s decision to discontinue the Xserve RAID doesn’t surprise John C. Welch. And while it will mean some complications for Mac IT, overall, there’s a lot to like about this move.

Apple discontinues Xserve RAID

Apple has discontinued its Xserve RAID product, but users can still purchase drive modules. Apple also struck a deal with Promise Technology and qualified its products for use with Xsan 2.

Nexsan looks to tame storage beast for Apple Xserve

Nexsan Technologies has set tomorrow for the unveiling of its SATABeast XI storage array, which it said will give provide added storage capacity to IT shops running Apple Inc.'s Xserve.

NetGear expands ReadyNAS with 1.5 - 4TB systems

NetGear has expanded the ReadyNAS storage appliance line with 1.5TB - 4TB systems.

Leopard Server: The people's UNIX

Tom Yager looks at Mac OS X v10.5 Server, and approves.