Don't-Miss Book software Stories

'Weird Al' Yankovic releases interactive ebook app

Based on his best-selling book of the same, "Weird Al" Yankovic's When I Grow Up app includes an interactive retelling of the story, along with games based on the book.

Apple releases iBooks 1.3 update

This new version of the iBooks app adds a read-aloud function that doesn't work yet, as well as new powers for enhanced books, a bug fix, and a performance boost.

Google touts growth of e-book service and store

Google's eBooks electronic bookstore now contains about 3 million free titles, up from 2 million when it was launched in December.

iFlowReader predicts App Store e-reader exodus

The developer behind iOS e-reader app iFlowReader says the program can't survive due to Apple's in-app purchase rules. Will other apps follow it out the door?

Touch Press shines up Gems and Jewels book app

Gems and Jewels, the latest book/app hybrid from Touch Press, offers 360-degree views of precious stones.

Our Choice for iOS pushes digital book boundaries

Al Gore's latest book is now available as an interactive book for iPad and iPhone. It mixes the book's text with a fluid layout of photos, documentary footage, and interactive charts, challenging the definition of the word "book" in the 21st century.

Apple releases iBooks 1.2.2 update

On Thursday, Apple released a minor update to its iBooks e-book and PDF reading app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iBooks 1.2.2 includes "a number of important stability and performance improvements" for playing video, incorrect fonts, and responsiveness.

Amazon announces the Kindle Lending Library

Amazon says the Kindle Lending Library, which will launch later this year, will let Kindle and Kindle app customers borrow e-books from 11,000 libraries around the United States.

Long-form reading thrives on the iPad

Who says long-form writing is a dying art? Longer works of fiction and non-fiction are flourishing, and Apple's iPad gives such writing a platform on which to thrive. Joel Mathis looks at the best apps and services for enjoying a good, long read on your tablet.

Adobe debuts Creative Suite 5.5

Adobe debuts mid-cycle upgrades for Creative Suite and lengthens the time span for major releases.

Jobs updates iBookstore, iPhone, iPad figures

During Wednesday's iPad 2 event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs shared some facts and figures on iPad and iPhone sales, as well as download data from the iBookstore. In addition, Random House will bring more than 17,000 new titles to Apple's electronic book store.

Analysis: How Apple's new subscriptions stack up to the competition

Some publisher are up in arms over Apple's newly announced rules for subscription-based content in the App Store. But a closer look at the rules indicate that what Apple's proposing for the App Store isn't that out of line with what you see from similar services.

Kindle app update adds Real page numbers

Kindle app update adds real page number support, progress indicator, and in-app Google/Wikipedia lookups.

BookBuddy relaunches with rating, comments added

The hype might suggest that many citizens of the iPhone-loving world have adopted e-books for literature consumption, but BookBuddy offers help to users with old-fashioned paper libraries in need of digital organization.

Kobo e-reader adds social networking features

Kobo's free e-reading app has been updated with social features that reward you for reading and integrate directly with Facebook.