Don't-Miss Book software Stories

Apple's device dominance drives ebook price-fixing lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of working with publishers to raise the cost of ebooks.

Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader, sidestepping Apple's subscription rules

If you can't beat the rules, go around 'em. That seems to be the idea behind Amazon's new web-based Kindle Cloud Reader, a transparent attempt to give iPad readers direct access to both their Kindle books and the Amazon bookstore without cutting Apple a 30-percent slice of the pie.

Digital book developer Push Pop Press sells to Facebook

The digital book frontier has lost a pioneering company with Facebook’s acquisition of Push Pop Press.

iOS e-readers remove store links to comply with Apple rules

Several prominent e-reading apps have updated to remove links to their Web stores, as per Apple's revised content purchasing rules.

Amazon unveils Kindle Textbook Rental

Amazon on Monday launched Kindle Textbook Rental, which allows customers to save money on textbook ebooks by renting them from the Kindle Store, instead of buying them outright.

Reading on the iPad: Kindle vs. iBooks

When it comes to reading books on the iPad, there are really two options: Apple's own iBooks and Amazon's Kindle app. Lex Friedman compares and contrasts.

Apple to enforce iOS in-app content policy in coming days

Though the widely reported June 30 deadline for developers to comply with Apple's in-app content rules has passed, Macworld has learned that the company does intend to enforce the new policy and remove violating apps from the App Store.

'Weird Al' Yankovic releases interactive ebook app

Based on his best-selling book of the same, "Weird Al" Yankovic's When I Grow Up app includes an interactive retelling of the story, along with games based on the book.

Apple releases iBooks 1.3 update

This new version of the iBooks app adds a read-aloud function that doesn't work yet, as well as new powers for enhanced books, a bug fix, and a performance boost.

Google touts growth of e-book service and store

Google's eBooks electronic bookstore now contains about 3 million free titles, up from 2 million when it was launched in December.

iFlowReader predicts App Store e-reader exodus

The developer behind iOS e-reader app iFlowReader says the program can't survive due to Apple's in-app purchase rules. Will other apps follow it out the door?

Touch Press shines up Gems and Jewels book app

Gems and Jewels, the latest book/app hybrid from Touch Press, offers 360-degree views of precious stones.

Our Choice for iOS pushes digital book boundaries

Al Gore's latest book is now available as an interactive book for iPad and iPhone. It mixes the book's text with a fluid layout of photos, documentary footage, and interactive charts, challenging the definition of the word "book" in the 21st century.