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Amazon updates, sunsets Stanza app

Amazon on Thursday released an update to Stanza that fixes a slew of problems affecting the app when running on iOS 5. But the company's support team suggests that the app will no longer be updated.

Amazon's Stanza app in limbo after iOS 5's release

The Stanza ebook app hasn't seen an update in nine months and won't run on iOS 5-powered devices. Developer Amazon has yet to comment on the future of the app.

Introducing Macworld's iOS 5 Upgrade Guide

iOS 5 has hit the stage, and eager users everywhere are getting ready to upgrade their devices. If you’re concerned about the upgrade process, or simply want to know all your setup options before making the big switch, let the editors at Macworld help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with this step-by-step guide, available on the iBookstore and Kindle Store for $2.99.

Subtext brings social and gaming to ebook reading

Subtext, a new iPad reading app released on Tuesday, aims to enhance your e-reading experience with notes from authors, experts, and Subtext community members.

Steve Jobs bio debuts at No. 1 spot on bestseller lists

The biography of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs debuted today at the top of both Amazon's and Barnes & Nobles' bestseller lists.

Amazon launches Kindle integration with public libraries

Amazon on Wednesday announced the launch of Kindle library lending, which will allow Kindle and Kindle app users alike to borrow ebooks from 11,000 local libraries in the United States.

Apple adds Quick Reads section to iBookstore

Apple has introduced a new Quick Reads section to the iBookstore. Catering to those looking for something speedy to skim, it bears some similarities to Amazon's Kindle Singles.

IDW unleashes comics for Apple's iBooks

Comics publisher IDW is trying something different: The company has released its first foray into the iBookstore, rolling out 20 graphic novels using the new fixed-layout ePub format, in an attempt to target new readers and book-lovers.

Apple's device dominance drives ebook price-fixing lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of working with publishers to raise the cost of ebooks.

Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader, sidestepping Apple's subscription rules

If you can't beat the rules, go around 'em. That seems to be the idea behind Amazon's new web-based Kindle Cloud Reader, a transparent attempt to give iPad readers direct access to both their Kindle books and the Amazon bookstore without cutting Apple a 30-percent slice of the pie.

Digital book developer Push Pop Press sells to Facebook

The digital book frontier has lost a pioneering company with Facebook’s acquisition of Push Pop Press.

iOS e-readers remove store links to comply with Apple rules

Several prominent e-reading apps have updated to remove links to their Web stores, as per Apple's revised content purchasing rules.

Amazon unveils Kindle Textbook Rental

Amazon on Monday launched Kindle Textbook Rental, which allows customers to save money on textbook ebooks by renting them from the Kindle Store, instead of buying them outright.

Reading on the iPad: Kindle vs. iBooks

When it comes to reading books on the iPad, there are really two options: Apple's own iBooks and Amazon's Kindle app. Lex Friedman compares and contrasts.

Apple to enforce iOS in-app content policy in coming days

Though the widely reported June 30 deadline for developers to comply with Apple's in-app content rules has passed, Macworld has learned that the company does intend to enforce the new policy and remove violating apps from the App Store.