Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Microsoft Silverlight 3 challenges Adobe AIR

Silverlight 3 is catching up to the capabilities of Adobe Flash, Flex, and AIR in all the areas where Microsoft's multimedia development technology once lagged behind.

Mac News Briefs: WinTel update speeds up virtualization performance

Version 3.0 of OpenOSX's WinTel delivers virtualization features that speed up the performance of hosted operating systems on Intel Macs.

Adobe aligns software branding to shine light on Flash

Adobe is aligning its Web design and developer tools, including a new one developers can begin testing Monday, under its Flash brand.

Mac News Briefs: BoinxTV update adds audio, image adjustment features

The newest version of Boinx Software's live video production software adds a number of new features and bug fixes, including support for a high-quality chroma key filter. The developers for rooSwitch and RapidWeaver also unveiled updates Thursday.

‘Team of Apple executives’ to deliver WWDC Keynote

A team of Apple executives led by Phil Schiller will deliver this year's keynote address at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple revealed on Wednesday.

Scratch Day 2009 - computer programming for kids

MIT's Media Lab is gearing up for Scratch Day 2009, to introduce new people to their programming language for kids.

BBEdit adds LassoScript support, Sleep command

BBEdit 9.2 features support for LassoScript, a new Sleep command that retains the application's state and other major changes.

REAL Server 2009 Release 1 sports new scalable architecture

REAL Server 2009 Release 1 sports some dramatic improvements, including a new scalable architecture, performance enhancements and 60 new operations.

Unity game development engine boosts performance

Unity, the game development engine, has been updated for the iPhone with performance improvements and optimizations.

2009 Apple Design Awards now accepting entries

The Apple Design Awards 2009 is now open for entrants -- the deadline is May 4 2009.

Adobe AIR, Flash big hit at Web 2.0 Expo conference

Adobe, with its Flash and AIR technologies, has emerged as an interesting player to watch at this year's Web 2.0 conference, reports.

Flash’in’App embeds Flash in Mac apps

Flash'in'App lets developers embed Flash in their Mac apps.

SlickEdit 2009 debugs Perl, Python, PHP

SlickEdit 2009 is a new version of the multi-platform code editor with support for 40 languages and seven platforms.

Director 11.5 sports new audio engine, Leopard support

Director 11.5 is the newest version of Adobe's landmark multimedia authoring software.

Espresso streamlines Web development workflows

Espresso is a new Web development app from the makers of CSSEdit.