Don't-Miss Development software Stories

NSA helps name most dangerous programming mistakes

Led by SANS and the NSA, an industry group has published a list of the 25 most dangerous software programming errors.

Expo: REAL Server 2009 due in February

The cross-platform, multi-user database server offers new features and increased performance and scalability, according to REAL Software.

Expo: ModelBaker rapid app development software debuts

ModelBaker is a new rapid application prototyping tool for creating Web applications, iPhone apps and Google Android apps.

Soghoian's AppleScript 1-2-3 book now available

Sal Soghoian's long-awaited AppleScript training guide has finally gone on sale.

iTGB iPhone game engine yields big performance gains

iTGB, GarageGames' iPhone game development engine, gets a 300 percent performance boost.

Torque Game Engine Advanced adds Mac OS X support

Torque Game Engine Advanced from GarageGames is officially ready for Mac OS X.

Unity game development engine updated for iPhone

Unity, the 3D game development environment that started life on the Mac, has been updated for the iPhone.

Adobe AIR soars to loftier heights

Adobe AIR 1.5 adds impressive new features for managing larger database files and encrypting local data stores.

OpenCL gets touted in Texas

Attendees at the SC08 high-performance computing conference in Austin got a progress report on OpenCL, the the Apple-spearheaded parallel computing API that figures to be a prominent new feature in the upcoming Snow Leopard update to OS X.

GarageGames’ Torque Game Engine Advanced goes beta for Mac

Torque Game Engine Advanced, a 3D game engine creation tool, is for the first time being released on the Mac.

FileMaker Devcon '09 registration is open

FileMaker Developer Conference 09 is set to take place in San Francisco next August, and early bird registration is now available.

Nitrogen tool promises social networking for games

Nitrogen is a new SDK that game developers can use to incorporate social networking into their games.

Microsoft releases Silverlight 2

Microsoft released Silverlight 2 and promised development tools for the Mac.