Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Microsoft looks to lure iPhone app developers to Windows Phone

An API mapping tool from Microsoft offers porting assistance in moving apps from iOS to the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

Adobe, Zend combine Flash and PHP development

Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP helps developers build apps for Web, desktop, and mobile systems, including Apple's iOS devices.

Microsoft readies Silverlight 5 beta

The proprietary multimedia plug-in platform and rival to HTML5 will offer 64-bit capabilities and digital rights management.

New Chameleon project helps developers port iOS apps to the Mac

The Iconfactory has released its open-source framework Chameleon, which helps developers port their iOS apps to the Mac.

Apple releases Xcode 4, puts it for sale on the App Store

Apple has released a new version of Xcode, the integrated development environment programmers use to create apps for OS X and iOS. The tool is available for free to registered developers, and for sale through the Mac App Store.

Escape the iOS SDK: Building iPhone (and Android) apps via Flash

Developers can in fact use Flash and the similar Corona SDK to create apps for the Apple App Store, as well as for Android.

Need an app? There's an outsourcer for that

For companies that want to build apps, but don't have any technical know-how, outsourcing development is one potential solution. But it's not without its quirks and pitfalls.

Apple launches iAd Producer

iAd developers can now take advantage of new software to create ad campaigns for Apple's mobile ad network.

Apple publishes six free e-books for developers

With thrilling titles like "Object Oriented Programming With Objective-C," the free books are sure to make the holiday seasons even merrier for Apple geeks everywhere.

Amazon integrates iOS, Android apps with the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making it possible for developers to directly integrate mobile applications for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and also apps...

Apple clarifies Mac App Store rules

Apple on Friday posted a handful of tips to its Developer News page, reminding developers that trial and demo versions can't be submitted, as well as pointing them towards resources on file system usage and custom interface controls.

Wolfram Research intros Mathematica 8

A new Mathematica 8 integrates Wolfram|Alpha; just one of more than 500 new features.

Apple contributing to open source Mac Java project

Apple and Oracle have announced that they'll be working together on an open source implementation of Java for Mac OS X. For Apple, this means the elimination of another external dependency.