Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Apple soliciting submissions for Mac App Store

An e-mail sent to members of Apple's Mac Developer Program invites developers to submit their Mac applications for review.

BBEdit 9.6 brings HTML5 support

The venerable text editor of choice for many programmers receives an upgrade, including new features for hand-coders of HTML5.

App Scanner lets iOS devs check apps pre-submission

Apple recently improved and clarified its App Store guidelines, but the use of private APIs is still strictly forbidden. App Scanner helps developers to check their apps for any potential hangups before submitting for App Store approval.

Intel tool will convert iPhone apps to run on Intel chips

Intel will provide a tool to help port iPhone apps to handsets and tablets with Intel chips.

Macworld to host session at MacTech 2010

The upcoming MacTech 2010 conference will feature a panel on virtualization moderated by Macworld Editorial Jason Snell, and readers can take advantage of discounted registration.

The Macalope Weekly: Choices

Android goes bing, the App Store goes transparent, and one technology CEO goes to the Land of Questionable Metaphors.

Adobe, Google on Apple's App Store changes: 'great news'

The changes and clarifications Apple made to its App Store policies this week have elicited mostly positive reactions. Adobe and Google, both affected by restrictions Apple put in place earlier this year, have voiced enthusiasm on their respective blogs.

Apple releases App Store guidelines, announces Review Board

In a move straight out of the "never say never" bin, Apple has released an official set of guidelines to help app developers understand the App Store approval process. The company also announced the formation of a board to which developers can appeal a rejection.

Twitter API has new third party sign-on method

Twitter has nearly finished migrating to a new authentication protocol, called OAuth.

Quickly view sites at different resolutions with Resize

Resize is a simple, $5 Safari Extension that lets Web developers quickly view Websites at different resolutions.

Inside Snow Leopard Graphics Update's surprising gains

In typical Apple fashion, the Snow Leopard Graphics Update earlier this week was light on details. Macworld discovered that if you game on a recent Mac, this update is anything but light.

HTML5 raises new security issues

As HTML5 enhances the Web, so too will it bring new vulnerabilities, security experts warn.

Apple introduces compatibility lab day passes for developers

Apple is now offering Single Lab Day Passes to members of its Mac Developer Program. The $99 pass allows access to one of Apple's compatibility labs for a day.