Don't-Miss Development software Stories

MacTech Conference extends early-bird pricing to August 9

The three-day conference aimed at IT professionals and Apple developers normally costs $899. But early-bird registration is available for $699. And organizers announced that the discounted registration will run through August 9 while spaces at the conference last.

Skype announces Mac, Windows support for SkypeKit

Skype on Wednesday announced Mac and Windows support for its new SkypeKit SDK, which was previously only available on Linux.

Remains of the Day: Oh no, you didn't

It's a day of quotes—many of them ill-advised—here at remainders central. Everything from Apple responding to Psystar (ha, thought you'd heard the last of those guys, huh?), AT&T promising to improve their data network (don't laugh!), and a developer taking on Steve Jobs (uh oh).

FMTouch Enterprise deploys FileMaker databases to iOS devices

The FMTouch Enterprise subscription service lets developers ship their FileMaker solutions to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Adobe's Flash Player 10.1 sent to phone makers

Adobe is sending the final version of Flash Player 10.1 to its mobile partners.

OpenCL 1.1 ratified by The Khronos Group

The Khronos Group has ratified OpenCL 1.1, a programming standard that enables parallel execution of tasks across multicore processors.

Adobe halts Labs program for 64-bit Linux Flash Player

Adobe stressed it is not killing off the project to develop Flash Player 10 for 64-bit Linux. Instead, the project will continue with "significant" architectural changes and security enhancements.

First look: Safari 5's extensions

Safari 5's extensions, which allow developers to create software that augments the browser's built-in features, are perhaps the most prominent new capability in Apple's latest browser update.

The Mac Sale returns with ten apps for $50

You know the drill: ten apps for a ridiculously low price. This time around, the bundle includes utilities for managing files, Web design, and enjoying the Web on your TV.

Sofa unveils Kaleidoscope for spotting differences between files

Kaleidoscope for OS X quickly reveals differences between multiple versions of text or image files.

HTML5 in the spotlight at Google event

Google technologies such as Android and Chrome also will be topics at the Google I/O conference

The Macalope Weekly: Flash back

If you're not yet sick of the back and forth between Adobe and Apple about Flash and the iPhone, then boy did you come to the right place. This week, the Macalope takes on the latest developments in the spat.

C4 developer conference will not return

The annual C4 developer conference will not return, according to a blog post by organizer Jonthan "Wolf" Rentzsch.