Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Adobe says no future investment in Flash-to-iPhone feature

After having tried to work around Appleā€™s limitations, Adobe has given up on trying to bring Flash to the iPhone OS in any form.

Adobe announces Flash for Android beta testing

Apple may not want Flash on its mobile devices, but users of Android will soon gain full support for the multimedia platform.

App builders to gather for iPad-specific developer event

iPadDevCamp brings together developers and designers who want to create apps for Apple tablet device

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 available Thursday

The rich Internet technology is getting a boost in business-oriented capabilities.

Adobe evangelist tells Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

An Adobe platform evangelist has expressed outrage over Apple's iPhone development terms, telling the company in a blog post to 'go screw' itself.

The Macalope Weekly: Flash in the pan

Adobe takes shots at Apple, not everybody loves the iPad, and there's competition afoot. Fortunately, the Macalope is here to bring reason to the fray.

Change in iPhone developer terms puts Flash in crosshairs

Apple has made a major change to the developer agreement for the development tools for iPhone OS 4.0, which clearly forbid the use of Flash and other non-Apple approved solutions to write apps.

Developers bullish on iPhone 4.0 additions

Users seemed to be mainly positive about the new iPhone features Apple unveiled on Thursday, but what about developers?

Apple debuts iAd advertising platform for iPhone OS

If you ever had any doubt that that battle between Google and Apple was only beginning, wait until you hear what the Cupertino company has in store for iPhone OS-based advertising.

Should Apple's iPhone apps play by its own rules?

There are grumblings afoot in the iPhone OS developer community as some Apple applications are found to use functionality not available to third-party developers, even as iPhone OS 4 is expected to be announced on April 8.

Adobe debuts Flash Platform tools, including renamed Flex Builder

Flex Builder is now called Flash Builder 4; the open source Flex framework also is updated.

Apple drops price, changes name of Mac Developer Program

Apple on Thursday dropped the price of becoming an official Mac Developer to $99 a year.

TextWrangler 3.1 adds new search tool

A new command-line search tool, FTP improvements, and more fixes are the stars of this upgrade to Bare Bones Software's free text editor.

Adobe seeks Photoshop feedback from iPhone developers

Adobe is seeking feedback from Apple iPhone developers on how Photoshop can be enhanced for mobile development.

Apple issues Java update for 10.5, 10.6

Apple on Thursday released a pair of Java updates for Leopard and Snow Leopard, patching a number of vulnerabilities in the cross-platform technology.