Don't-Miss Education software Stories

IdeaWallets helps you manage and refine your ideas

IdeaWallets is an iPad app designed to help you capture and cultivate your ideas more efficiently. You can jot down your ideas as they come to you with the Cards feature, then organize and refine your Cards with the app's Thinking Tools.

Managing Cash Flow iPad app teaches business capital

Chicago-based mobile application developer Intersog has added Pocket CFO - Managing Cash Flow to its list of Pad-based financial training classes. The Managing Cash Flow course is designed to teach users the ins and outs of capital management for small and medium businesses.

Apple and sustainable living

Dr. Bill Wiecking of the Hawaii Preparatory Academy's Energy Lab stops by to talk about the future of sustainable living, education, and Apple's efforts in each area.

Pear Note 2.0 gains Web sharing, speed control

Pear Note, lets you take notes while recording audio or video, then play back both the notes and media later for review; now, users can share these interactive notes on the Web and speed up or slow down media playback for better review.

Star Walk update guides you through the sky

Educational planetarium app Star Walk has been updated with an improved augmented reality feature that not only identifies stars and constellations, but now guides you to them as well.

iSpeak 2.0 offers iOS 4, iPad support

The latest update to the translation app iSpeak now offers support for iOS 4.0 multitasking, iPad support and adds a few more languages to its repertoire.

Summer fun with the Mac

When you ask kids to close their eyes and think about summer, odds are they think about hot days and playing outside. But summer comes with its downtime too. One way to be prepared for rained-out afternoons and other idle hours is to load up the kids’ computer with links to great Websites and other computing activities. Here are some of the Macworld editors favorites.

Google Earth arrives for iPad

Google released a major upgrade to its Google Earth app that brings a native iPad version and a new Roads layer for aspiring travelers.

FileMaker releases free Student Survival Kit for Bento 3

Designed for students and their increasingly convoluted lives, the Bento Student Survival Kit should help conquer everything from lecture notes to the inevitable real world job search.

Adobe brings Captivate to the Mac

Adobe announced on Tuesday that it would be bringing its tutorial authoring program, Captivate 5, to the Mac, along with eLearning Suite 2, available mid-June.

Apple announces dates for WWDC 2010

Apple is once again inviting developers to San Francisco for a week of exploring iPhone OS and Mac OS X technologies.

iPhone app promises Cold War In An Hour

Phone developer Collca has released The Cold War in an Hour for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

First look: iWork for iPad

If the iPad is going to succeed as a business tool, it needs an office suite. The first suite out the gate: Apple's own iWork for iPad.