Don't-Miss Education software Stories

MacUpdate bundle offers Parallels, other apps for $50

Bundles abound in the Mac world these days. Here's one that brings together ten applications--including Parallels 5--for a very attractive price.

Another case of MacBook-based spying on students? Maybe not

A Bronx middle school vice principal tells reporters "[The students] dont' even realize that we are watching." But it's less creepy than it sounds.

School district faces lawsuit over Webcam spying claims

A lawsuit alleges that the Lower Merion School District used MacBooks to spy on students in their homes. School officials claim the software was only used for antitheft measures.

Note-A-Lator teaches music reading

Electric Peel Software has released Note-A-Lator and Note-A-Lator Pro, education software to help students learn how to read music.

Last-minute gifts for Mac lovers

Stymied for gifts for the Mac fan in your family? Check out this list of great last-minute gift ideas from Macworld contributors.

Smart Notebook SE debuts for Mac

Smart Notebook Student Edition (SE) ties in with Smart Technologies' Smart Board interactive whiteboard technology.

Mac News Briefs: Mimio Studio 6 now available to Mac users

Mimio Studio 6, now available on the Mac, adds multimedia support and makes additional improvements. Other programs updated Monday include Today and Letter Opener.

CrystalMaker sports anaglyph 3D support

CrystalMaker, used to visualize crystals and molecules, now works in 3D, using good old-fashioned red-blue glasses.

Scratch Day 2009 - computer programming for kids

MIT's Media Lab is gearing up for Scratch Day 2009, to introduce new people to their programming language for kids.

Apple adds new artist lessons to GarageBand

Apple added new lessons from Sting and Sarah McLachlan to the GarageBand Lesson Store.

MacProVideo releases iPhone app, Premiere tutorials

MacProVideo released its first iPhone app, giving users the ability to take video tutorials with them.

Virginia to use iTunes U in new education initiative

The state of Virginia has implemented new education initiatives that include iTunes U and a call to developers to create iPhone apps.

MacProVideo to release iPhone video training app

MacProVideo submitted a new app to the App Store that will allow users to watch tutorials on their iPhone.