Don't-Miss Entertainment software Stories

Audible releases iPhone app

Audible is making its first foray into the App Store with a free app for the iPhone and iPad that features Wi-Fi delivery of your library, iOS 4 multitasking support, detailed listening stats, and more.

SplashShopper and SplashMoney now available on iPad

SplashData has released the iPad versions of SplashShopper, its list maker and organizer app, and SplashMoney, the company’s personal finance manager.

Let the gyroscope do the drawing with Gyro Draw

Gyro Draw -- currently available for free from the App Store -- uses the iPhone's 4 gyroscope feature to let you draw by tilting your phone. Older phones and iPod touches can use the built-in accelerometer.

My Vacation 2.0 gains postcards, sharing, and more

This vacation journaling app gained quite a few features designed to help make your friends and family jealous as you kick back and relax, including virtual postcards and Facebook video uploading.

Artist shows iPad potential with Beyonce portrait

Kyle Lambert has created a striking portrait of Beyonce to showcase the potential of Apple's iPad as a drawing and painting tool.

Ten One showcases iPad pressure sensitivity proof of concept

On Thursday, Ten One Design posted a proof of concept video showcasing pressure sensitive drawing and handwriting on the iPad. Though the frameworks used are currently private, Ten One hopes Apple will incorporate them publicly into a future version of iOS's UIKit framework.

Sports Illustrated releases iPad magazine app

Last week, Sports Illustrated released an iPad version of its popular weekly magazine. The app itself is free, but each issue of the magazine will cost $5.

DC Comics arrives for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Major publisher DC Comics has finally joined the digital revolution with its own app, as well as distribution through Comixology.

G4TV launches iPhone app, crashes under severe E3 traffic

Popular gaming channel G4TV launched a comprehensive iPhone app on the eve of E3 but massive viewership crashed the website and took the app with it.

Layers 2.2 adds per-layer transparency

Benjamin Gotow's Layers app has been updated to version 2.2, receiving much requested features including per-layer transparency controls and a brush offset feature.

Coming attraction: iMovie comes to the iPhone

Apple plans to release a mobile version of its iMovie video-editing software to coincide with the release of an iPhone with a much-improved video camera.

Netflix previews iPhone app

Netflix offered a glance at its app for the iPhone during Monday's WWDC keynote. Slated for release later this summer, the app will let you stream video over Wi-Fi and 3G, view recommendations, browse genres, and access your queue.

MasterCard lets iPhone owners send or receive money with app

Using MasterCard's MoneySend application, iPhone and iPad users will be able to send or receive money using their phone or tablet.

Etude sheet music app now available for iPad

On Wednesday, Wonder Warp Software released a universal update to its sheet music and piano instruction app, Etude, allowing it to run natively on the iPad.

Elgato EyeTV software update adds support for Apple iPad

Elgato has updated the Elgato EyeTV software to add support for Apple's iPad, including optimized support for playback on Apple tablet device.