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Mixel lets you create and share iPad art

New iPad app Mixel offers a social platform to create, share, and remix digital collages.

Bloomberg TV+ app streams live television to the iPad

On Thursday, Bloomberg TV released its new Bloomberg TV+ app, providing a 24-hour live broadcast of its television programming, and more.

More same-day digital comics arrive on the iPad

Digital comics look gorgeous on the iPad--and, as a result of several announcements made at New York Comic Con this weekend, now you can get even more of them on the same day as their printed counterparts.

GetGlue adds Leaderboards, improves Conversations

GetGlue's latest update will allow users to easily filter through the chatter to find the most interesting comments about their favorite shows as well as compete with their friends to see who has really seen the most episodes of Wheel of Fortune.

IDW unleashes comics for Apple's iBooks

Comics publisher IDW is trying something different: The company has released its first foray into the iBookstore, rolling out 20 graphic novels using the new fixed-layout ePub format, in an attempt to target new readers and book-lovers. At Bat 11 spruces up graphics, adds social networking

With pennant races in full swing and the postseason approaching, Major League Baseball has spruced up its iPhone app with improved in-game graphics, more in-app multimedia, and expanded social networking options.

Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader, sidestepping Apple's subscription rules

If you can't beat the rules, go around 'em. That seems to be the idea behind Amazon's new web-based Kindle Cloud Reader, a transparent attempt to give iPad readers direct access to both their Kindle books and the Amazon bookstore without cutting Apple a 30-percent slice of the pie.

Apple to enforce iOS in-app content policy in coming days

Though the widely reported June 30 deadline for developers to comply with Apple's in-app content rules has passed, Macworld has learned that the company does intend to enforce the new policy and remove violating apps from the App Store.

MoviePass brings all-you-can-watch model to theaters

Cinephiles and lovers of air-conditioned theaters alike will appreciate MoviePass, a new service that aims to bring a smartphone-controlled, all-you-can-watch option to movie-going.

Disney launches a comics app for iOS devices

For the first time, Disney's extensive collection of comics is digitally available in one place--on the newly launched Disney Comics app for iOS devices.

Roadshow for iPad saves videos for viewing later

Fetch Softworks’s new Roadshow app for the iPad allows you to save web videos from most online video providers -- with the notable exception of YouTube -- for viewing later, even when the device is offline.

Wacom releases Bamboo Paper sketching app

Wacom, creator of the Bamboo Stylus, has introduced Bamboo Paper, its first app for the iPad.

Griffin's cable-free Beacon turns your iPhone into a universal remote

Griffin has released its Bluetooth-powered Beacon, which turns your iOS device into a universal remote control.