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classic iphone games lead

10 classic early iPhone games still worth playing today

Some of the oldest iOS gaming greats are still alive and kicking.

fft angrybirdsaction lead

Angry Birds Action! delivers little Angry Birds satisfaction

The flinging favorite charts an uneven new course as the series hits the big screen.

captain america civilwar lead

Get your Captain America: Civil War fix with these 10 games and apps

Haven't chosen a side? Maybe these iOS tie-ins can help sway you.

lead bannersaga2

The 10 Mac games you need to play from April 2016

Tactical role-playing, dungeon blasting, and sausage flipping: We've got options.

weekiniosapps copy 100525534 gallery 100578408 gallery copy 3

The Week in iOS apps: Sure, play a mean pinball

This week's roundup includes two new games that bring the pleasure of pinball to your iOS device.

animal crossing lead

Here's what to expect from Nintendo's next iPhone games

Miitomo was an odd starting point, but the real games are coming this fall.

watch gaming1yr lead

Apple Watch gaming one year in: Developers speak out

What works (and doesn't), how Apple can help further, and the prognosis ahead.

best apple watch games lead

The first 12 Apple Watch games you should play

Load up your smartwatch with some can't-miss wrist gaming.

World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft's Legion expansion launches in August

Legion, a.k.a. Burning Crusade Redux, will be here soon—though not soon enough for some content-starved players.

tengami cave

Tengami’s laid-back approach to puzzles makes this a must-play iOS game

You owe it to your eyes to play this pretty, innovative puzzle game. Get it—if and when the price drops.

mw futurama lead

Futurama: Game of Drones is a familiar, yet fun (and funny) puzzler

While not the game you'd expect from the cartoon series, it's hard to find fault.

mac ps4 lead

Stream PlayStation 4 games from the console to your Mac with Remote Play

How to set up the newly-added functionality—and whether it's really worth it.

miitomo lead

Nintendo's Miitomo is whimsical and weird, but the fun seems short-lived

The gaming giant's first iOS offering is… a pseudo-social network?


PlayStation 4 brings Remote Play streaming to PC and Mac

PlayStation 4 Remote Play heads to laptops, with more features than the Xbox version.

apple tv gamepad games lead

12 Apple TV games worth buying a gamepad for

Itching for a real controller? Here are some fine games that might sway your decision.