Don't-Miss Game Stories

Join the Diablo III stress test this weekend

Got any plans this weekend? Saving the world from evil by participating in the Diablo III open beta.

Draw Something adds undo, picture sharing, and chat

An update to Draw Something adds much-anticipated features like the ability to chat with your friends about their drawings.

Remains of the Day: Starck contrast

A noted French designer is (or isn't) working on a project for Apple. Tim Cook definitely (may have) visited the offices of a prominent video game company. And Amazon offers (a ton) a decent number of streaming titles.

Ticket to Ride debuts in Mac App Store

The Mac version of Ticket to Ride has pulled into the Mac App Store, boasting online play versus opponents on the iPad, Windows, or Linux.

Remains of the Day: Won't get fooled again

One rumor has Apple getting physical with iOS gaming; Consumer Reports's ability to hold two contradictory ideas in its head has yet to cause a psychotic break; and an indie movie about Steve Jobs gets half a man as its lead.

Remains of the Day: Creme de la creme

Tim Cook is the CEO of CEOs, Apple is the consumer brand of consumer brands (in Japan), and e-books are the, uh, books of books.

Angry Birds creator acquires games developer

Rovio Entertainment, the developer of the popular Angry Birds games, has acquired Futuremark Games Studio.

Disney looks beyond 25 billionth App Store download toward mobile future

Just because Disney is a giant company, don't think its mobile division wasn't excited about one of its games pushing the iOS App Store past the 25 billion download mark earlier this month. But Disney Mobile is even more excited about future growth of the smartphone market.

The Week in iOS Apps: Making more muscles

This week's roundup apps brings you new and better ways to get in shape, watch TV, and battle alien pigs. Because in space, no one can hear you oink.

Zynga to acquire Draw Something developer for $200 million

A report from All Things Digital indicates that OMGPop, the developer behind Draw Something, will be acquired for $200 million by Zynga.

Smule's Beatstream game taps into your iPhone's music

Smule, the developer known for its music-themed iOS apps, added a new iPhone app to its ever-growing stable on Wednesday. Beatstream is a game you play with your own music library.

Remains of the Day: Laser vision

The new iPad's interiors get scrutinized down to a molecular level, while Apple puts Retina-ready apps under the microscope. And Apple's got its eye on any office space around.

Diablo III to launch in May

At long last, gamers, the wait is over: Diablo III will launch on May 15, and World of Warcraft players can get the game for free.