Don't-Miss Game Stories

Ticket to Ride Pocket update brings online, asynchronous play

Game developer Days of Wonder has listened to its players and added online and asynchronous play to the iPhone and iPod touch version of its popular Ticket to Ride board game.

Angry Birds comes to Facebook on Valentine's Day

Looking for an interesting Valentine's Day gift? Big fan of Angry Birds?

iOS games on display at Macworld | iWorld

Chris Holt takes a look at the games being shown off at Macworld | iWorld this week -- some of which are already in the App Store and some which will arrive soon.

Remains of the Day: Ebook learnin'

Apple's education announcement is all over the news, with suggestions ranging from interactive textbooks to ebook publishing tools. Some, however, say that it's all over-hyped--so clearly we should be looking forward to the next next Apple announcement.

WowWee puts real toys in digital games, creates 'appcessories'

WowWee showed an upcoming game platform at the Consumer Electronics Show called AppGear, which combines real toys with on-screen animation to create a new product category it calls "appcessories."

More Mac, iOS products seize the spotlight at CES

Macworld's Serenity Caldwell and Alexandra Chang continue to stalk the Consumer Electronics Show for interesting Mac and iOS products. In this latest installment, they visit the ShowStoppers press event, where a bevy of gadgets and software is on display.

Remains of the Day: Play it by year

Catch up on some of the tidbits from the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, including Jony Ive's new title, a rare peek inside Apple's past, and, most importantly, the mystery surrounding one Apple Store's public restrooms.

NORAD brings Santa (and elf tossing) to iPads, iPhones

NORAD, which each year tracks Santa's progress as the jolly man delivers gifts around the globe, is now offering iOS apps for kids to stay informed about Mr. Claus's journey.

Game company Square Enix shuts fan site after hack

Japanese game developer Square Enix said Thursday that a server for a fan site with information on 1.8 million users had been hacked, but it was unclear if any data had been stolen.

2011 App Gems

We've announced our App Gems Awards for 2011. Now get the inside scoop on which iOS apps captured our attention in the past year.

First Look: OnLive Gaming for iOS

Macworld gets hands on with OnLiveā€™s new collection of video games for iOS devices.

Remains of the Day: Don't dress angry

The HP TouchPad just won't die, iTunes Match probably isn't bringing in the dollars, and video game-themed dresses might the fashion world's next fad.

OnLive brings game streaming service to tablets, phones

Game streaming service OnLive is expanding its reach to the mobile sphere, releasing versions of its client software for tablets and smartphones