Don't-Miss Game Stories

EA stumbles again, pulls Simpsons game

EA pulled its new game The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the App Store after an onslaught of complaints by users that they were unable to connect to the server for multiplayer gaming.

Remains of the Day: Threat assessment

One game maker makes an impromptu retreat from the field of battle, while Apple brings all its firepower to bear on content negotiations and the iPad is strategically deployed in bureaucratic trouble spots.

Zynga to launch games platform, invites third-party developers

Zynga will launch its own social gaming platform and open it up to third-party game developers.

Remains of the Day: No surprises

It's an unsurprising round-up today, with an Apple partner that won't say "boo," a win for everybody's favorite company, and graphics looking better on a higher resolution displays.

Aspyr works to fix Civilization V upgrade issue

Users trying to download an update to the turn-based strategy game from the Mac App Store are unable to do so if they’re running Mac OS X Lion. Why Aspyr works with Apple to fix the issue, it's offering discounts on earlier versions of Civilization and promising to provide a free scenario pack to current and future Civilization V users.

Hackers probably stole Steam transaction data, Valve says

Valve has informed users of its Steam online game distribution platform that hackers have probably downloaded encrypted credit card transaction data from a...

Weekly Wrap: iPad 3, Mission Control tips, and more

Each week, we round up our most significant stories from the past seven days, mostly because the powers that be refuse to let us write about the biggest news from the week ahead. This week, we covered App Store drama, iPad 3 rumors, and a typical slew of Mac advice.

Rage: Campaign Edition brings mayhem to the Mac

The makers of the popular (and quite violent) Doom and Quake franchises have brought their newest mutant-slaughtering game to the Mac. Rage: Campaign Edition, from Id Software, debuted Thursday on the Mac App Store.

Ticket to Ride Pocket update brings online, asynchronous play

Game developer Days of Wonder has listened to its players and added online and asynchronous play to the iPhone and iPod touch version of its popular Ticket to Ride board game.

Angry Birds comes to Facebook on Valentine's Day

Looking for an interesting Valentine's Day gift? Big fan of Angry Birds?

iOS games on display at Macworld | iWorld

Chris Holt takes a look at the games being shown off at Macworld | iWorld this week -- some of which are already in the App Store and some which will arrive soon.

Remains of the Day: Ebook learnin'

Apple's education announcement is all over the news, with suggestions ranging from interactive textbooks to ebook publishing tools. Some, however, say that it's all over-hyped--so clearly we should be looking forward to the next next Apple announcement.

WowWee puts real toys in digital games, creates 'appcessories'

WowWee showed an upcoming game platform at the Consumer Electronics Show called AppGear, which combines real toys with on-screen animation to create a new product category it calls "appcessories."