Don't-Miss Game Stories

Chinese developers take a bite of the Apple

If you've ever purchased games like High Noon, Gamebox1 or Doodletruck from the App Store, then you've downloaded an app from the burgeoning Chinese iOS app-development market.

Browser-based Star Trek MMO? Make it so!

Gameforge's upcoming browser based Star Trek MMO doesn't pull any punches when it comes to delivering an authentic Trekker experience.

Grand Theft Auto hijacks its way onto Mac App Store

Now it's even easier for Mac users to jack cars and commit crimes in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto III, which launched on the Mac App Store Thursday; the company plans to make the rest of the trilogy available by September.

Fight over '...With Friends' brand may be brewing

An iOS publisher is attempting to file 12 different trademarks for various "...With Friends" products, setting up a possible dispute with game developer Zynga.

Steam launches Game-and-Hat-Trading beta

Steam library full of unwanted spare copies of games and TF2 hats? Now you can trade them with other people.

Google+ Games goes live

Google's new social network, Google+, took a big step forward Thursday by adding games to its site.

Remains of the Day: Two's company, three's a cloud

Is Apple concocting an iPhone & iCloud sandwich? Rumors say "delicious." Meanwhile, Apple Stores across the UK are clearing out their show floors as a precaution, and Nintendo's investors are asking it why it can't be more friendly with that nice Apple boy down the street.

Theme Park and Battlefield 3 may come to iOS

EA is reportedly bringing two of its biggest franchises to iOS devices later this year -- with one of them being a long-standing request.

GameFly launching digital client later this year

GameFly plans to roll out a digital client that will give Mac and PC users access to any of its library of 1500-plus digitally-downloadable titles on a virtual rental basis.

Cave's next iOS game is (surprisingly) not a shooter

Japanese developer Cave -- famous among shoot 'em up fans for its emphasis on shooter games -- plans to bring a town-building simulator to the iOS platform.

Blizzard 'surprised' at reaction to Diablo III requirement

Blizzard's VP of online technologies has expressed his surprise at negative fan reactions to the news Diablo III would require a persistent Internet connection.

Final Fantasy Tactics released for iPhone

It's been a long time coming and has seen several delays, but Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is finally available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Diablo III beta 'approaching'

Blizzard still hasn't given a specific date, but indications seem to be that the beta test for Diablo III will be starting quite soon.

Renowned board game Puerto Rico now shipping on iPad

Esteemed board game Puerto Rico is now available for the iPad, featuring online and local multiplayer support and more.

Tweet and indulge your nostalgia with Pac'N Twit for iOS

This Pac-Man themed Twitter client for the iPhone also includes Galaga skins for Twitter users with a nostalgia for '80s arcade games.