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Apple updates GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and Cards apps for iOS

Apple releases updates for four popular productivity apps, which fixes some stability issues and adds new features.

Adobe talks CS6

Adobe's Heidi Voltmer and Scott Morris join this week's podcast host, Jackie Dove, to discuss the soon-to-be-released Adobe Creative Suite 6.

InDesign CS6 makes quick work of designing for multiple platforms

With new adaptive design tools, content repositories, and a large number of general improvements, InDesign CS6 lets designers reuse content in different layouts, and a lot more.

Adobe offers Creative Suite, Creative Cloud for students and teachers

Adobe integrates CS6 and the Creative Cloud into the educational market with new offerings and prices.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud: What you need to know

Adobe's massive creative software package has been updated and and along with it Adobe has launched a brand new cloud service. Here's a summary of all the action.

Adobe launches Creative Suite 6 alongside new Creative Cloud subscription service

Adobe debuts its cloud strategy with high-profile Creative Suite 6 in the starring role.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 launch propels design, Web, and video apps onto center stage

Adobe updates and consolidates its print and Web oriented software into a single large bundle and augments its video package with brand new apps.

Time to de-Flash your site?

Flash is a problem for iDevices, which makes mobile access to a website problematic. Here's what smart shops are doing about it.

Extensis launches Suitcase Fusion 4 font manager

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4 features an updated interface that’s designed to streamline workflows and save designers needless bouncing back and forth between applications.

Remains of the Day: Delighting the senses

Apple and Samsung are going to try talking it out; you may soon smell of eau d'Apple; and the iPhone will likely remain pleasing to the eyes.

Remains of the Day: World domination

The iPad drops into even more countries, the Apple II is firmly entrenched in middle age, and Final Cut Pro X hasn't given up the ghost yet.

Remains of the Day: Chasing the clouds away

The forecast for the next version of iTunes is cloudy; Apple's got stormy seas ahead in court; and Nokia and Microsoft could really use a ray of sunshine about now.

iTunes 10.6.1 squashes several bugs

On Wednesday Apple released iTunes 10.6.1, an update that addresses several problems introduced in iTunes 10.6