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Video: SupperKing dishes up food and friends

A new iPhone app lets you throw dinner parties for strangers who are willing to pitch in for the cost of the meal. SupperKing touts its app as a way to meet new friends while trying out new recipes.


Starter apps for your new iPhone

Now that you’ve learned your way around a bit, it’s time to load your iPhone up with apps, both fun and functional.

Ten apps for your new iPad

Did you get a new iPad for the holidays? Not sure where to start? Check out these ten must-have apps.

The six apps of Hannukah

Hannukah may last for eight nights, but only these six apps are really worth your time if you want to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Six tablet apps for making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Don't be intimidated by Turkey Day. Turn to these iOS and Android apps for recipe suggestions, menu planning, and cooking assistance for a stress-free Thanksgiving.


Yahoo buys Stamped; will kill its mobile app

Marissa Mayer has made her first acquisition at Yahoo, a recommendations app called Stamped that was developed by ex-Googlers and has even received backing from Google Ventures.


One month in, iOS 6's Passbook barely passes go

It's been a month since Apple's new Passbook feature hit the streets, but Dan Moren thinks the feature still needs some time in the oven.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Apple's upcoming iPad event, weird Macs, and plenty more

This week, in some ways, felt a bit like the calm before the storm. Apple announced a special event coming next week, we shared the stories of various unusual Macs, and of course we offered our usual slew of reviews, how-tos, and news.

Starbucks passes go, adds Passbook support

Starbucks has rolled out a promised update to its iOS app which allows you to add your stored-value card to Apple's new Passbook app.

Researcher: Obama, Romney apps gather personal data

The smartphone apps created to promote the campaigns of President Obama and his Republican election rival Mitt Romney gather a slew of personal data about the folks who use them.

Tapbots releases public alpha of Tweetbot for Mac

In a first for the company, Tapbots has released a public alpha of Tweetbot for Mac.

Flipboard expects China downloads to surpass U.S.

Flipboard expects the daily number of downloads coming from China for its popular personalized news reading app will very soon surpass its U.S. downloads.

Decide launches iPad app

The iPad edition of Decide's shopping app offers money-back guarantee against price drops.