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Google revamps iOS search app

Google has renamed and revamped its primary search app for iOS. New gestures bring flexibility to the interface and your search results, and improvements across the app make this a useful upgrade.

Instapaper 3.0 gets social, deeper search

A major upgrade to the popular app for reading content offline brings a slew of new features. You can now follow friends to find more articles to read, share your favorite articles to a larger number of services, and search the contents of the articles on your device.

Foursquare 3.0 brings recommendations, new Specials

A major upgrade to this location-based social network and "real life game" brings smart recommendations for your next outing, a more flexible leaderboard for scoring points and badges, and many more Specials that businesses can offer to users who check-in.

Google enables Instant Previews for mobile browsers

Google enabled Instant Previews for desktop browsers last November, which allow you to view a visual snapshot of a search result before clicking through to load the entire site. Now, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can enjoy the same browsing benefits.

Cyberspace iOS browser gets bump-to-share, more integration

An update to this Safari alternative for iPhone and iPad makes it easier to share Webpages between your iOS devices and harness a variety of third-party services, including Readability, Instapaper, and Evernote.

Analysis: How Apple's new subscriptions stack up to the competition

Some publisher are up in arms over Apple's newly announced rules for subscription-based content in the App Store. But a closer look at the rules indicate that what Apple's proposing for the App Store isn't that out of line with what you see from similar services.

iPad, iPhone changing where, when we read

The man who runs the Read It Later service says that mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are shifting when and where people are reading content -- a trend that could affect how publishers present content.

Instapaper coming to more apps near you

The increasingly popular Instapaper service now provides full access to its features and your saved articles for third-party developers, but with a clever twist.

CardStar updates iPhone app with Groupon deals

CardStar, which lets you store reward cards for grocery stores, retail chains, and other businesses, now features integration with the Groupon group discount service.

Tello app lets users rate customer service from their iPhone

Rather than just rate a business, you can use the newly unveiled Tello app to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the customer service employees who interact with you

Share mobile videos with Thwapr app

Thwapr’s new app and video sharing service, Thwapr, helps overcome the iPhone’s video sharing limitations, letting you easily capture and share videos and photos with many types of mobile devices.

Google continues iPhone releases with Google Translate

Google's fourth new iOS app in as many months, Google Translate allows you to speak a word or phrase in one language and translate it to another.

Expo Notes: A last look at the Mobile Apps Showcase

Before we file away our Expo notebooks for another year, we take one last look at some noteworthy apps exhibiting at Macworld 2011 that deserve your attention.