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Instapaper coming to more apps near you

The increasingly popular Instapaper service now provides full access to its features and your saved articles for third-party developers, but with a clever twist.

CardStar updates iPhone app with Groupon deals

CardStar, which lets you store reward cards for grocery stores, retail chains, and other businesses, now features integration with the Groupon group discount service.

Tello app lets users rate customer service from their iPhone

Rather than just rate a business, you can use the newly unveiled Tello app to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the customer service employees who interact with you

Share mobile videos with Thwapr app

Thwapr’s new app and video sharing service, Thwapr, helps overcome the iPhone’s video sharing limitations, letting you easily capture and share videos and photos with many types of mobile devices.

Google continues iPhone releases with Google Translate

Google's fourth new iOS app in as many months, Google Translate allows you to speak a word or phrase in one language and translate it to another.

Expo Notes: A last look at the Mobile Apps Showcase

Before we file away our Expo notebooks for another year, we take one last look at some noteworthy apps exhibiting at Macworld 2011 that deserve your attention.

Articles 2.0 for iPhone gets tighter Wikipedia support, maps

A major upgrade to this feature-packed and unique Wikipedia client brings tighter integration with the site, the ability to search for text in the current article, and more.

Instapaper to adopt revamped payment sharing service

The Readability Project is updating its service to let users easily pay a monthly fee that is divided among all the sites they read. Instapaper, an increasingly popular reading service and app, will integrate the new Readability service and even release a separate, official client for it.

Expo Notes: iPad cooking apps on the menu for February

A pair of iPad cooking apps got sneak previews at Macworld Expo last week. While both are slated to hit the App Store in February, they're bringing dramatically different approaches to the iPad.

Expo Notes: Grocery Chatter finds best supermarket deals

Flixoft, the developers behind Grocery Gadget, will soon release Grocery Chatter. The app will help you find the best prices at local supermarkets.

Expo: Nuance announces voice integration for third parties

A leader in voice recognition software has opening up its services to third-party mobile developers, so a flood of new and updated apps will soon feature high-quality, fast voice automation abilities. Macworld spoke with Nuance's Director of Global Business Development about what this means for iOS apps.

Expo Notes: How hot is the iGrill?

Gauging by the number of people who've asked me about it, the iGrill is one of the more intriguing products at Macworld 2011.

iMacworld app updated for 2011 expo

The iMacworld app now includes information about next week's show, as well as a new community discussions feature. The app has been optimized to run on the iPad as well.

Vue networked cameras get motion detection, more

The second generation of Avaak's wireless streaming camera system gets two new models that offer motion-detection and a ruggedized design for outdoor monitoring. The company also overhauled its Web monitoring service and iPhone app, offering something new for everyone.

Remains of the Day: You're harshing my zen, man

Things change pretty fast in this constantly connected world. I mean, Pink Floyd may have surrendered to the future of music and drug dealers may be distributing iPhone apps, but at least we can take solace in the fact that Microsoft is still not funny.