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Join us for Macworld Live

This week at Macworld|iWorld, we host the Macworld Live stage where you can see interviews with some of your favorite tech personalities and developers. Here's the schedule.

Enable iTunes Home Sharing on Macs and iOS devices

Macworld senior associate editor Dan Moren shows you how to share media between Apple devices using iTunes Home Sharing.

Shazam Player makes it easy to sing along

Shazam's new Player app shows the lyrics to the music in your library.

Video: Join audiobook tracks for iTunes

Jason Snell shows you three ways to join audio tracks together for use in iTunes.

Unleash your inner rockstar with Smule's Magic Guitar

The company behind numerous iOS instrument apps on Thursday unveiled Magic Guitar. Don't fret if you don't know how to play; the app makes it easy to sound good.

2011 App Gems

We've announced our App Gems Awards for 2011. Now get the inside scoop on which iOS apps captured our attention in the past year.

Apple updates Logic Express to 9.1.6

Apple's Logic Express has been updated to version 9.1.6, bringing with it a variety of fixes and app stabilization.

Rogue Amoeba launches Piezo, a simple audio recorder

Mac software maker Rogue Amoeba has launched a simple, lightweight audio recorder called Piezo.

Music to their ears: Smule to acquire Khush

Smule, the company behind apps like Ocarina, Glee, and Magic Piano, announced Thursday that it will acquire auto-tuning app-maker Khush.

Rolling Stone headed to iPad in 2012

In a turnaround for the publisher, Rolling Stone should arrive on your iPad sometime next year.

Control iTunes from the keyboard with Take Five and SizzlingKeys

With a pair of utilities, staff writer Lex Friedman is able to control iTunes entirely from his keyboard--and no longer forgets to resume his music all day after pausing it to take a phone call.

Weekly Wrap: iTunes Match, natch, and iOS and Mac stories too

Unbelievably, this is our last Weekly Wrap before Thanksgiving ("Siri, explain to me how November flew by so fast"). So we thought this we’d focus on stories from the past week that relate to things we’re feeling thankful for—specifically iTunes Match, iOS, and the Mac.

Google Music goes live in U.S. with Google+ integration

Google Music, the company's cloud-based online music service, is now available to all users in the U.S. and includes song and album sales, as well as an integration with the Google+ social networking site.