Don't-Miss Audio Stories

Ambrosia releases Soundboard for iPad

Ambrosia Software on Friday released an iPad edition of Soundboard, its sound-effects utility for podcasters, broadcasters, and other live performers.

Remains of the Day: Another satisfied customer survey

The iPhone has once again proved that consumers can get some satisfaction. Elsewhere, Google has scooped up a Yelp rival that's decidedly old school, and Apple's making new inroads into charity.

Smule's MadPad makes music out of anything

The creators of Ocarina, Magic Piano, and I Am T-Pain return with a new app that aims to make music from any sounds you can find in the world around you.

Remains of the Day: Click to agree

One young designer takes on a hefty hunk of Apple legalese and tries to make it friendly. Meanwhile an old school union boss has a beef with Cupertino, but an Arizona-based company drops its dispute with 1 Infinite Loop. And we hope you like dissecting innocuous photos for clues, because we've got our fill of that.

The iTunes Store and the Towson Hack

Lex Friedman and Dan Moren discuss the problem some iTunes users have reported where their gift card balances are being drained by unwanted purchases.

Lion compatibility is music to Sonos customers' ears

Sonos customers found that Macs running Lion couldn't successfully stream to their speakers. On Tuesday, the company offered a fix.

Remains of the Day: Talking smack

Michael Dell and HP go head-to-head on the PC industry, Lenovo throws down the gauntlet in the tablet space, and it's The People vs. Apple on censorship.

Apple updates iTunes to 10.4.1

It's tune-up time for iTunes: Apple on Monday released iTunes 10.4.1 to address a collection of bugs present in the application.

SoundHound adds live lyrics feature to iOS apps

SoundHound now includes a new LiveLyrics feature that makes it possible for users to see a song’s lyrics in time with the music.

Coverjam Pro brings artists' pictures to their music on iOS

Electric Pocket Limited's Coverjam Pro app visualizes the music-listening experience by playing a slideshow of images tagged with an artist’s name, as their music plays.

AOL presses Play, a social music app for IOS

AOL has released Play, a new music sharing app for iPhones and iPads.

Record your conversations with IMCapture for Skype

IMCapture for Skype for Mac OS X lets you record your audio and video Skype conversations in a host of formats for later viewing.

Propellerhead announces Reason 6 and Reason Essentials

Propellerhead's newly announced Reason 6 includes more audio recording and editing control, plus several new effect options. The company is also debuting Reason Essentials, a more basic version of Reason.