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Remains of the Day: Upset the Apple cart

iPad rumors are floating to the surface once again, Phil Schiller's comments to a Chinese paper are called into question, and Apple's won a major award.

How to set up a home recording studio

Putting together a home recording studio is easier than you may think.

Audio interfaces and mixers: What's best for your home studio?

How to pick the right audio interface or mixer for your home studio.


2012 in review: The year in Apple news

Mac and iOS may have dominated Apple news this year, but they weren't the only developments. Dan Moren and Lex Friedman recount the rest of what happened in 2012.

The 13 worst holiday songs you can download from iTunes

As the song goes, music can help to make spirits bright this time of year. But not this music. Not ever.


What's new in iTunes 11.0.1: Missing features restored, annoying bugs fixed

iTunes 11 was a massive overhaul of Apple's jack-of-all-trades app for managing music, App Store shopping, device syncing, and more. iTunes 11.0.1 fixes a lot of small things that ailed the initial update.

Adobe updates Photoshop, boosts Creative Cloud services

Adobe used its Creative Live event to spotlight updates to a range of its creative products and services.


Remains of the Day: Rumor, rumor on the wall

Begun, these iPhone rumors have. Elsewhere, Apple's radio service isn't getting play time from record labels, Eric Schmidt's got a head-scratcher, and Apple's getting greener (and not with envy).

Sonos updates iOS app to stream Music app's content

Sonos has released an update to its iOS app that allows you to stream content in the iTunes library of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Sonos audio devices.

Remains of the Day: Around the world

The iPhone 5 and the iTunes Store go, uh, internationaler; Apple's not abandoning Logic any more than your average Vulcan; and Brian Williams challenges Tim Cook to an on-air arm wrestling match. (Okay, I made the last one up.)

Hands on with iTunes 11

iTunes 11 marks a fairly major revamp of Apple's all-in-one media player/store/syncing software. Senior writer Lex Friedman and senior editor Dan Moren run down what's new and different.

iTunes 11 now available in Mac App Store

With one day before Apple's November deadline expires, iTunes 11 landed in the Mac App Store as an update.

AC/DC finally rocks the iTunes Store

Longtime digital holdout AC/DC finally released its entire catalog in the iTunes Music Store.