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Report: Apple mulls licensing radio streaming service

Apple is considering licensing a custom radio streaming service similar to Pandora, according to a report in Thursday's Wall Street Journal.

Exporting uncompressed podcasts

Chris Breen shows you how to export an uncompressed podcast from GarageBand.

TechHive: Who's still not on the iTunes Store?

At one time, if you’d dominated the Billboard charts in the 1970s and lost at least one member of the band to an excessive life style, it was the fashionable thing to not find your work gathered in the iTunes Store. Many have changed their stance, but a few artists continue to hold out, making the catalogs of some artists who are on the Store incomplete. Who and what’s missing?

Smule takes the wraps off AutoRap

The latest app from the music-app gurus at Smule turns your spoken words into rap music.

TechHive: The iPad for musicians

While the iPad isn't cheap, the incredibly low price of its apps compared to PC or Mac software puts far more power in the hands of the average cash-challenged musician than ever before.

First look: Amazon Cloud Player app

Those who take advantage of Amazon's Cloud Player for storing and streaming music will enjoy the company's new Cloud Player app.

Remains of the Day: Trials and tribulations

Apple and Motorola won't have their day in court, Barnes & Noble doesn't cotton to the DOJ's lawsuit, and John Sculley gets a big screen alter ego.

Remains of the Day: Losers, weepers

Samsung and Apple can't find a compromise, IBM employees lose out on Siri, and Jony Ive tears up about Apple's next great product.

Spotify comes to the iPad

Spotify is now available as a native app for the iPad, expanding from an iPhone-only offering to a universal app native to any device running iOS 5 or later. The upgrade also includes Retina graphics for both the interface and album art.

Asking the iTunes Guy

Macworld's Ask the iTunes Guy, Kirk McElhearn, joins host Christopher Breen to discuss... what else? iTunes--it's quirks and under-appreciated features.

Apple updates GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and Cards apps for iOS

Apple releases updates for four popular productivity apps, which fixes some stability issues and adds new features.

An offer of iTunes advice

Jason Snell, Jon Seff, and Dan Moren join host Chris Breen to discuss the foibles of iTunes, syncing, and the Messages beta.

Remains of the Day: Chasing the clouds away

The forecast for the next version of iTunes is cloudy; Apple's got stormy seas ahead in court; and Nokia and Microsoft could really use a ray of sunshine about now.

First look: MyTunes Pro HD

On Wednesday, SRS Labs released an iPad version of its MyTunes Pro music browser and audio enhancement app. Christopher Breen offers his first impressions after using it for several weeks.

Sonos releases new desktop controller for Mac

Sonos releases its new desktop Controller app, revealing a makeover, along with improved search and streaming.