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Remains of the Day: Around the world

The iPhone 5 and the iTunes Store go, uh, internationaler; Apple's not abandoning Logic any more than your average Vulcan; and Brian Williams challenges Tim Cook to an on-air arm wrestling match. (Okay, I made the last one up.)

Hands on with iTunes 11

iTunes 11 marks a fairly major revamp of Apple's all-in-one media player/store/syncing software. Senior writer Lex Friedman and senior editor Dan Moren run down what's new and different.

iTunes 11 now available in Mac App Store

With one day before Apple's November deadline expires, iTunes 11 landed in the Mac App Store as an update.

AC/DC finally rocks the iTunes Store

Longtime digital holdout AC/DC finally released its entire catalog in the iTunes Music Store.

Apple delays next iTunes release until November

Apple has delayed the release of the next major update to iTunes, which is now expected before the end of November.

Remains of the Day: Friday, bloody Friday

Having killed radio, Apple may be trying to bring it back. Elsewhere iFixit hacks up an unsuspecting Mac mini, and a hot new game murders Apple's Game Center to death.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Apple's upcoming iPad event, weird Macs, and plenty more

This week, in some ways, felt a bit like the calm before the storm. Apple announced a special event coming next week, we shared the stories of various unusual Macs, and of course we offered our usual slew of reviews, how-tos, and news.

Apple's Ping to cease operation Sep. 30

Apple's Ping music social network will close its virtual doors at the end of the month, according to a message posted on the service.

Apple announces major iTunes update

On Wednesday, Apple announced a major update to its iTunes software, set to appear in October.

Report: Apple mulls licensing radio streaming service

Apple is considering licensing a custom radio streaming service similar to Pandora, according to a report in Thursday's Wall Street Journal.

Exporting uncompressed podcasts

Chris Breen shows you how to export an uncompressed podcast from GarageBand.

TechHive: Who's still not on the iTunes Store?

At one time, if you’d dominated the Billboard charts in the 1970s and lost at least one member of the band to an excessive life style, it was the fashionable thing to not find your work gathered in the iTunes Store. Many have changed their stance, but a few artists continue to hold out, making the catalogs of some artists who are on the Store incomplete. Who and what’s missing?

Smule takes the wraps off AutoRap

The latest app from the music-app gurus at Smule turns your spoken words into rap music.