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Apps with Maps: 11 iPhone GPS apps compared

Glenn Fleishman reviews a half-dozen iOS GPS apps. Which app reigns supreme? You'll be surprised.

Google releases new Google Places app for iPhone

Google continues its recent stream of iOS releases with Google Places, a new app for discovering new places around you, ranking your experiences, and sharing it all with friends.

Garmin launches StreetPilot navigation app for iPhone

Garmin has jumped into the iOS navigation app fray with an iPhone and iPad version of its StreetPilot software.

Navigon offers free navigation app for CES travelers

Navigon has released a free app to help CES travelers navigate Nevada.

MotionX-GPS Drive 8.0 gets a new voice

A major new version of this turn-by-turn directions app for iPhone and iPad gets "HD Speech Synthesis," which the developer claims will deliver more realistic spoken street names from a synthesized voice.

Localscope puts local services at your fingertips

A stylish new "what's around me?" utility lets you chose between services like Google, Bing, Twitter, and others for searching around your area.

Navmii releases free turn-by-turn GPS app for iPhone, iPad

Navmii last Friday released its Navfree USA app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, featuring all the bells and whistles of a good GPS program--all at no cost.

MobileNavigator 1.7 gets iPad interface, more

A major update to these navigation apps brings a handful of new features, including Active Lane Assistant, Zagat guides, and more. The company is also releasing a new series of "single-feature apps," starting with Help2park.

Free iPhone 4 adapter available for TomTom Car Kit owners

TomTom is offering a free adapter for its Car Kit, to accommodate users who have updated to the latest Apple iPhone 4.

CoPilot Live apps gain advanced ActiveTraffic service

The USA and North America versions of CoPilot Live have gained more advanced live traffic monitoring and routing tools. They also include new map updating features, better iOS 4 multitasking, and more conservative memory usage on the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Zagat To Go gets Foursquare integration, new features

Zagat has updated its Zagat To Go app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Version 4.0 of this dining out guide includes Foursquare integration, Foodspotting photos, and the new Zagat Dining Journal.

Spyglass compass app gets iOS 4 update

Happymagenta has updated its augmented reality compass for iPhone to version 3.0, giving it iOS 4 optimization, iPhone 4 gyroscope support, new sounds, and other improvements.

The Macalope Weekly: An appointment with disappointment

Much as we love Apple, it's still just a company. This month, the Macalope explores some patent filings, the Macs in corporate IT, and the new Microsoft. It's way more exciting than it sounds. Really.