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New York Times 3.0 for iPhone gets more content

A major upgrade to The New York Times's official iPhone app brings access to almost all of the Website's content sections, including videos and photo slideshows. This upgrade also arrives on the eve of the news organization's controversial new digital subscription plans.

Wall Street Journal offering single issue downloads for the iPad

Readers of the Wall Street Journal can pay for a single issue for their iPad instead of buying a subscription.

IMDB updates iOS app with Watchlist, AirPlay support

IMDB on Wednesday updated its iOS app, integrating the company's new Watchlist feature in addition to instant search, AirPlay support for trailers, more showtimes and movie ticket purchasing, and production notes and agent client lists for IMDB Pro subscribers.

New York Times announces App Store, Web subscriptions

Pre-announced more than a year ago, The New York Times has finally unveiled its plans for a paywall, as well as a new series of Digital Subscription Plans for unlimited access via its iPhone and iPad apps.

Instapaper 3.0 gets social, deeper search

A major upgrade to the popular app for reading content offline brings a slew of new features. You can now follow friends to find more articles to read, share your favorite articles to a larger number of services, and search the contents of the articles on your device.

Zite iPad app looks to personalize your news

The newly launched Zite app delivers articles to your iPad based on what you tweet, who you follow, and the categories in which you're interested. And the app continues to learn about the content you want as you use it.

News360 for iPad aggregates international news, photos

Moscow-based Demo has launched News360 for iPad, a news and photo aggregation application that displays stories from around the world.

Cyberspace iOS browser gets bump-to-share, more integration

An update to this Safari alternative for iPhone and iPad makes it easier to share Webpages between your iOS devices and harness a variety of third-party services, including Readability, Instapaper, and Evernote.

Readability app rejection adds to subscription debate

Readability's new iOS app has been rejected from the App Store for failing to comply with Apple's new in-app subscriptions policy.

Analysis: How Apple's new subscriptions stack up to the competition

Some publisher are up in arms over Apple's newly announced rules for subscription-based content in the App Store. But a closer look at the rules indicate that what Apple's proposing for the App Store isn't that out of line with what you see from similar services.

Apple launches long-awaited subscriptions for App Store

Apple on Tuesday announced subscriptions for the App Store -- a feature that debuted first in News Corp.'s "The Daily" digital magazine earlier this month.

European newspaper publishers warn Apple on iPad subscriptions

Apple has been told by the European Newspaper Publishers' Association that publishers want readers to "to enjoy access to news content on tablets and other online services, without any restrictive conditions."

Apple introduces paid subscriptions for iOS apps

News Corp's new publication for the iPad, The Daily, is big news. But even bigger news is that Apple has introduced paid subscriptions to the App Store--a feature that could open new doors for publications.