Don't-Miss News software Stories

Pulse News Reader now free in the App Store

Users interested in giving Pulse News Reader a whirl can now do so without laying down their credit card—on Monday, Alphonso Labs announced that the app would now be available for free on the App Store.

The Washington Post offers iPad app for free, for now

The Washington Post for iPad app is free until February, after which users will be charged for access.

Get local headlines with News360 aggregator

News360 uses iPhone's GPS function to deliver targeted news from up to 10,000 sources.

AT&T targets voters with VoterHub iPhone app

AT&T's new free VoterHub app helps users register to vote, find the closest polling locations, and know who will be on the ballot before they get there.

Economist launches Intelligent Life on iPad

The weekly magazine takes a first step into the mobile device arena with a free offering from its quarterly sister magazine.

New York Times launches full content iPad app

The New York Times has replaced the previous "Editor's Choice" edition of its iPad app with a full-content edition, including 25 sections and even new Photos and Videos sections. All content is free to users until 2011, when the organization joins an increasing number of peers by putting a paywall around some content.

Acrylic Times for iPad adds importing, saving features

Now it is easier to import your Google Reader RSS feeds into the newspaper-style reader. You can also save articles to Instapaper.

Conde Nast releases New Yorker iPad app

On Monday, publisher Conde Nast added The New Yorker to its growing list of publications with custom iPad apps for reading magazine issues.

The Daily Telegraph comes to iPad

The U.K. publication, The Daily Telegraph, has released The Telegraph for iPad, which includes daily updates of content.

Flipboard for iPad gets more content, customizable, smarter

A seemingly minor update to this "personal social magazine" for reading Twitter and Facebook on an iPad brings a number of user requested features. You can now add up to 21 sections, retweet with comment,

CBS News releases iPad app

CBS News has released a CBS News for iPad app, giving it improved performance and updated features including sharing, landscape, and search.

Times brings newspaper experience to RSS for iPad

This iPad version of this Mac news reader brings a customizable newspaper experience to reading news feeds on your iPad.

Ashes brings Fever newsreader to iPad

Fever is a Web-based, self-hosted newsreader alternative to Google Reader for power users and news junkies. Now, its unique features have arrived on the iPad as a native app.