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Weekly Wrap: Flashback malware, ebook litigation, and iPads for kids

The Department of Justice threw the book at Apple. Apple and several others threw their technical resources up against the Flashback virus. And Lex Friedman threw together this very edition of the Weekly Wrap, highlighting our most interesting and important stories from the past week.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Since its debut in 2010 as an iPhone application, Instagram has been one of the most-popular photo-sharing services around. Monday, that popularity paid off: Facebook bought the service for $1 billion.

Adobe launches Photoshop CS6 as a free public beta

For the first time since Creative Suite 3, Adobe has released Photoshop as a free public beta.

First Look: Photoshop CS6 Beta is dark, swift, and content aware

Advances in content-aware technology, cropping, blurs, and Camera Raw are just some of the new features found in the newly released beta version of Photoshop CS6.

Remains of the Day: Tactical dispersal

We've got Tim Cook calling in an air strike on AT&T, a stealth Siri feature of iOS 5.1, and Microsoft nuking Apple devices from orbit.

New iPads, iPhoto for iOS, and Apple TV

Apple made a lot of product news at its March 7 press event, which gives us a lot to talk about in this jumbo-sized Macworld Podcast episode.

Summary: New iPad, new Apple TV, new iPhoto app, and more

At its press event Wednesday, Apple took the wraps off the next version of the iPad, which is slated to ship on March 16. The company also announced a new Apple TV, iPhoto for iOS, updates to GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork for iOS, and more.

iPhoto for iOS arrives on the App Store

Released Wednesday, the mobile version of iPhoto offers multi-touch image editing, effects that can be applied with brushes, and sharing capabilities. Like GarageBand and iMovie for iOS, this app runs on all new Apple mobile devices.

Adobe ships Photoshop Lightroom 4 and cuts price in half

Adobe has released version 4 of Lightroom, its professional photo management application, following a brief beta period. It has also permanently cut the price in half.

Weekly Wrap: iPad 3? Apple TV? These and more fill us with glee!

This week saw numerous headlines in the world of Apple, including an announcement about a special event next week wherein the company just might announce a new version of iWeb. Or, more likely, a new iPad. We cover that story and more in this Seussified edition of the Weekly Wrap.

SmugMug releases app to 'awesomize' your photos

SmugMug wants to make sure your iPhone photos are doused in a whole lot of awesome sauce. The photo-sharing site on Wednesday released Camera Awesome, an iOS camera app with advanced shooting features, plenty of editing tools and filters, and sharing capabilities.

Remains of the Day: American horror story

Look out: That app accessing your photos is coming from inside your pants. Elsewhere, there's conflicting stories on audio quality in iTunes, a new Italian Apple Store shrouded in secrecy, and spine-tingling Apple event rumors.

Photoshop Touch app arrives for the iPad

The long-awaited Photoshop Touch app is now available for iPad 2 running iOS 5.