Don't-Miss Reference software Stories

Cardmobili app offers virtual reward cards

The new, free Cardmobili iPhone app stores your loyalty reward cards and syncs them via the cloud.

Apple Store app hits the App Store

Apple has released a new iPhone OS app that allows customers to access its online store and make reservations for various services—including pre-ordering their very own iPhone 4.

Report: Apple acquires iPhone app maker Siri

Reports have surfaced that Apple may be about to acquire Siri, makers of the iPhone app Siri Assistant, which allows for voice-based searching.

iPhone app Tech Terms helps define technology

Released on Tuesday by Jones APR, Tech Terms is an iPhone dictionary app aiming to help the average computer user make sense of words and phrases associated with technology.

Next Mobile Web's Craigsphone updated to 2.0

Next Mobile Web's Craigsphone, an iPhone interface for the popular online classifieds service Craigslist, has been upgraded to 2.0.

WolframAlpha cuts iPhone app price to just $2

WoflramAlpha has dropped the price of its iPhone search app from $50 to just $2, and the free mobile Web version of the computational search engine has relaunched as well.