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Expo Notes: Likes turns Facebook likes into recommendations

WillowTree Apps wants to tap into your Facebook network to help you discover new places, movies, bands, and books with its latest Likes app.

Twitter's country-specific blocking brings hazards and hope

Twitter's move to comply with government requests and block tweets in specific countries could blunt its edge as a political tool, but there may be an upside in helping to unmask censorship, some privacy experts say.

Twitter can now block tweets in specific countries

Twitter can now remove tweets from users' feeds in specific countries while keeping them visible elsewhere.

Lawmakers question Google on its new privacy practices

Google's decision this week to share user data across its online services has caught the attention of eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Google to combine users' data across its services

Google will be able to combine data from several Google services when a Google Accounts user is signed in, as part of a rewritten set of privacy policies that the company announced this week.

Twitter acquires antimalware company Dasient

Twitter has acquired Internet security firm Dasient, the Sunnyvale, California startup said on its blog on Monday.

Google+ adds support for established pseudonyms

Google has relaxed somewhat its strict real-names policy on Google+: Existing members can now attach an alternate moniker to their profile name, and new members can sign up with just a pseudonym, provided it is an "established" identity online or offline.

'Don't Be Evil' bookmarklet tweaks Google search results to overcome Google Plus favoritism

Google’s recent move to emphasize results from its own Google+ social networking service is getting some new pushback in the form of a 'Don't Be Evil' bookmarklet that reorganizes the site's search results to place more emphasis on other social networks.

Mozilla touts Firefox impact in SOPA blackout

Mozilla extolled the impact of its 12-hour participation in Wednesday's anti-SOPA strike, saying Firefox users and fans generated more than a third-of-a-million emails to Congress.

Google+ now boasts 90 million users

Google+ now boasts more than 90 million users worldwide, according to Google CEO Larry Page. That's more than double the number of users it had in the previous quarter

Control what you share on Facebook Timeline

Facebook launched the next stage of its Open Graph and Timeline on Wednesday, offering more than 60 new third-party applications. Here's a look at the settings that are available for these new apps and how to adjust them.

Twitter acquires social media feed company Summify

Twitter has acquired Summify, a startup that summarizes content in people's Google, Facebook and Twitter social media feeds and delivers a daily digest.

U.S. lawmakers flip their positions on SOPA, PIPA

Some U.S. lawmakers have ad a change of heart about the controversial copyright enforcement bills.

Facebook, researchers turn up heat on Koobface gang

Security researchers are worried that the alleged Russia-based authors of Koobface, a piece of malicious software that plagued social networking sites such as Facebook, may slip away before law enforcement can catch them.

Facebook chat-based phishing attack impersonates Facebook Security

A new phishing attack that's spreading through Facebook chat modifies hijacked accounts in order to impersonate the social network's security team.