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For Microsoft's last CES keynote, Ballmer hawks Windows 8, Kinect

There was no surprise Bill Gates appearance nor much big news. But Microsoft delivered its last-ever Consumer Electronics Show keynote by touting its motion-sensing Kinect technology and upcoming Windows 8 OS.

2011 in review: Macworld's top stories

These 20 stories -- covering everything from iCloud to Lion -- were the most-read articles on during the past 12 months.

Mac OS X screenshot secrets

Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes takes a look at the lesser-known screenshot features of Mac OS X.

Remains of the Day: Word to your (iPad-using) mother

Microsoft Office may be bound for the iPad, Apple's painted a bull's-eye on Target, and Consumer Reports says that the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are the best tablets that aren't the iPad.

Remains of the Day: This time, it means business

The iPhone is the bee's knees in business, Stanford gives you a free education, and one noted photographer is all about the iPhone.

Researchers bypass restrictions of OS X default sandbox profiles

The restrictions imposed by Mac OS X generic application sandbox profiles can be easily bypassed, researchers from Core Security Technologies found.

Remains of the Day: Mind over matter

One blogger put together pictures of all of Apple's retail stores; Jean-Louis Gassée dishes on why he's glad he didn't end up back at Apple; and the next revolution may be brain-controlled iPhones.

Apple continuing to investigate 'a few' iOS battery issues

Apple says that iOS 5.0.1 has addressed many of the issues related to devices losing their battery charge, but the company is continuing to investigate a few lingering problems.

Unfinished iOS features hint at future plans

A few hackers have discovered hidden iOS 5 features that can be activated without the need for jailbreaking. But what can these, admittedly unfinished features, tell us about what may be coming down the pipe?

Hands on with iOS over-the-air updates

For the first time, iOS device owners can upgrade the mobile OS over-the-air, without a visit to iTunes. Here's how the process works.

Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 with battery fixes, more

Apple on Thursday released iOS 5.0.1, which brings fixes for devices suffering from poor battery life, and additional features and fixes.

Apple releases Java updates for Lion, Snow Leopard

Apple on Tuesday came out with another round of Java updates, aimed at both Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard users.

Researcher demos iOS security flaw via App Store app

In an unorthodox move, a security researcher submitted an app demonstrating an iOS vulnerability to the App Store. The app has since been pulled, but the vulnerability has yet to be patched.