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Spotlight on iOS 5

Dan Moren, Lex Friedman, and Jason Snell roll up their sleeves and dive deep into Apple's latest mobile OS to give you the nitty gritty about iOS 5.

Up close with iOS 5: Wireless syncing and updating

One of the best parts of iOS 5 is that you no longer have to connect your device to your Mac or PC when you want to sync your information or download a subsequent software update. Here's how it works.

Up close with iOS 5: Accessibility features

iOS 5 introduces a wealth of new features that can be used to aid people with visual, aural, and mobility impairments. Christopher Breen reviews the changes.

Up close with iOS 5: Calendar changes

Calendar misses out on some of the flashier improvements to existing apps in the iOS 5 update. But the changes that are there will be greatly welcomed by those who use iOS 5's calendaring app.

iOS 5 installation woes waning

Problems with upgrading to iOS 5 that flared up earlier in the week appear to be smoothed out, if the experiences of some Macworld editors and contributors is anything to go by.

Up close with iOS 5: AirPlay features

iOS 5 expands on AirPlay's wireless streaming capabilities by providing support for mirroring for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Jonathan Seff has the details.

Up close with iOS 5: New gestures

With iOS 5, your iPad 2 will gain several new multitouch gestures for working with apps and the multitasking bar. Alexandra Chang goes over the new additions.

Up close with iOS 5: Game Center

Apple introduced Game Center to the iOS platform about a year ago, and while 67 million people have signed up for the service, it hasn't always been as useful as it could be. iOS 5 looks to change that by making it easier to find both friends and games via Game Center.

Up close with iOS 5: Photos and Camera changes

Given the iPhone's popularity as a camera, it's no surprise that Apple would look to boost the photography features contained in its mobile OS. But what's new in the Camera and Photo apps with iOS 5? Jason Snell has the answers.

Up close with iOS 5: Mail's changes

iOS 5 continues the trend seen of prior mobile OS updates, in which a number of user-requested features find their way into Mail. Dan Frakes looks at what's new with iOS 5's mail client.

Up close with iOS 5: Newsstand

All devices running iOS 5 will feature a new permanent folder called Newsstand that will feature magazines and newspapers subscriptions. Jason Snell has more on this new iOS feature.

Up close with iOS 5: Reminders

You won't confuse Reminders, the new built-in to-do manager added with iOS 5, with some of the more full-featured task managers in the App Store. But Apple simply aims to add basic to-do list capabilities to its mobile OS. Here's what to expect from Reminders.

Up close with iOS 5: Safari

The latest version of mobile Safari adds even more features inspired by the Mac edition of Apple's Web browser. The finished product won't match the full-featured experience of a desktop Web browser, but with Safari in iOS 5, you won't feel like sacrificing quite as much when you browse on the go.