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Dateless on Valentine's? These 6 apps let you celebrate singlehood

Instead of moping around on February 14, use any one of these apps to live footloose and fancy-free.


There's no Here there: Nokia pulls map app off iOS

Nokia says iOS 7 has harmed the user experience of its mapping app, but the company has show little appetite for keeping Here Maps up to date since its iOS debut more than a year ago.

Staycation, all the apps I ever wanted

Everyone loves a long weekend, and these apps can help you make the most of it by finding great activities, events, meals, and hotels in your city.

Tech For Life: More apps and gear for air travelers

We're still stuck at the airport, but not to worry -- we've got the right apps and accessories on hand to take some of the agony out of flying.


Pain-free parking apps give you one less thing to whine about

If a free app can save you from getting a parking ticket, or wasting gas while hunting for a space, you better believe it's worth a download.


Tech For Life airport apps

Tech For Life: Apps and gear for airplane travel

Getting there isn't always half the fun, but it can be if you've got the right apps and gear.


Hazard ahead! Apps for quick roadside assistance

Flat tire? Fine. Out of gas? Great. Need a tow? Terrific!


Pay with friends: Uber lets you split fares

No more arguing over whose credit card has to take the hit.


Get on the bus: Transit’s mobile app is now free

Transit's mobile app gets new pricing—and features

Digital Reading Room: Light my fire

What do a legendary '60s band, the sport of basketball, and our nation's capital have in common? They're all the subjects of great iPad apps that would be terrific additions to your tablet.


National Park apps aid your trek from sea to shining sea

Visiting the national parks this summer? If you’re carrying your smartphone in your pocket, you’ll have all the guidance you’ll need to get around rough terrain with apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Four mobile apps to make global travelers feel at home

Downloading a few apps before you take your smartphone abroad could save you a lot of money. Here's a look at four apps that can help you out on your next trip overseas.


Apps for (almost) pain-free holiday travel

Use these mobile apps and web services to make your holiday travel plans run a little smoother. These will help you plan ahead, frequently check current and upcoming travel conditions, and work around unexpected hiccups. buys travel rival Kayak

It's unclear how the $1.8 billion deal will affect either travel website or their iOS and Android mobile apps.


Location-sharing improvements highlight updated Waze traffic app

Version 3.5 of Waze offers enhanced location-sharing features that let you organize group meetings, pick-up friends, and inform your family of when you'll be home. The crowd-sourced navigation app runs on iOS and Android devices.