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Need to get away? Flight Tonight handles last-minute booking with a few taps

2 weeks ago |

Need to take a vacation, like, right now? This app helps you make plans fast.

Going on a trip? Keep a travel diary with Bonjournal

3 weeks ago |

This journaling app compiles your individual entries into a beautiful narrative... if you remember to use it.

Seven hiking apps for hitting the trails

1 month ago |

Strap on your hiking boots and use these apps to help pack supplies, find routes, and stay safe.

Automatic looks to fuel you with data for driving more efficiently

3 months ago |

We go for a test drive with a $100 gadget that plugs into a computer socket on your car and sends data about your driving habits to your iPhone or Android device.

Dateless on Valentine's? These 6 apps let you celebrate singlehood

6 months ago |

Instead of moping around on February 14, use any one of these apps to live footloose and fancy-free.

There's no Here there: Nokia pulls map app off iOS

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