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Four mobile apps to make global travelers feel at home

Downloading a few apps before you take your smartphone abroad could save you a lot of money. Here's a look at four apps that can help you out on your next trip overseas.


Apps for (almost) pain-free holiday travel

Use these mobile apps and web services to make your holiday travel plans run a little smoother. These will help you plan ahead, frequently check current and upcoming travel conditions, and work around unexpected hiccups. buys travel rival Kayak

It's unclear how the $1.8 billion deal will affect either travel website or their iOS and Android mobile apps.


Location-sharing improvements highlight updated Waze traffic app

Version 3.5 of Waze offers enhanced location-sharing features that let you organize group meetings, pick-up friends, and inform your family of when you'll be home. The crowd-sourced navigation app runs on iOS and Android devices.

The Week in iOS Apps: The world is mine

This week’s collection of apps include new ways to navigate the world, as well as new options for destroying the planet in your home movies.

HipGeo adds video support to iOS travel journal app

An update Tuesday to the HipGeo travel journal app adds the ability to record and upload geo-aware videos of your travels. Philip Michaels takes the updated app out for a test drive. app offers travel wisdom from experts, friends has introduced an iPhone app that helps users find their way around major cities, and get their friends' recommendations on the best places to eat, drink, and play.

Navigon upgrades apps for summer travel

With an eye on the burgeoning summer travel season, Navigon on Tuesday updated its road-navigation apps with new features to help travelers reach their destinations and keep close tabs on their driving habits.

TRVL and the future of digital publishing

Jochem Wijnands, one of the founding co-publishers behind TRVL, joins us to talk about his iPad-only magazine and what the iPad has meant for digital publishing.

Waze adds gas price searches to crowd-sourced traffic app

Waze 3.2 adds the ability to find gas prices at stations in your vicinity, while also offering discounts to users of the crowd-sourced traffic app. Waze becomes the latest app maker to add fuel price searches to its mobile offering.

Hipmunk update integrates calendar data with travel searches

The latest update to Hipmunk's iPhone and iPad app integrates iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook events, allowing you to see if your flights run into any scheduling conflicts or what hotels are in the vicinity of planned activities.

CoPilot GPS to deliver free route planning, on-board mapping

ALK Technologies has announced CoPilot GPS, a free route planner and on-board mapping app for the iPhone and iPad. It's slated to hit the App Store this spring.

Hipmunk adds hotel booking to flight search app

Mirroring the functionality of its Web-based travel search service, Hipmunk's iOS app now lets you search for hotel rooms in addition to flights.