Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

My Taptu mobile app looks to personalize feeds

Released for the iPhone this week, My Taptu is billed as a "social news aggregator" that promises personalized streams of the news you're interested in.

Troubleshooting talk

Ted Landau, the guru of Apple troubleshooting, stops by the podcast to talk Mac OS X and iOS fixes.

BeLight updates Disc Cover CD/DVD label design app

BeLight Software has released an update to its CD/DVD label designing software, Disc Cover, giving it 140 new templates, 30 artistic collages, support for multi-page booklets, a completely redesigned Assistant, and more.

Snagit screen capture utility now available for Mac

Snagit, the longstanding screen capture program for Windows, has officially jumped to the Mac, bringing a host of capture, editing, organization, and sharing features.

ClickyTouch brings Google Analytics alternative to iPhone

Clicky is a Website stats tracking alternative to Google Analytics. Now, thanks to a third-party developer, you can take your Clicky stats on-the-go with your iPhone or iPod touch.

DVPRemote 2.0 adds Instant Replay, keyboard support

This iOS remote app for Roku's Netflix and Amazon media player gains a bunch of new features and integration, from an Instant Replay button to on-device Netflix queue browsing and full keyboard support.

Skyfire Flash-playing Web browser 'sold out'

The demand for Skyfire Labs'' Flash-playing mobile Web browser for iOS has exceeded the company's projections, forcing it to temporarily stop selling the app while it increases its server capacity.

Skyfire Web Browser brings Flash video to iOS

Skyfire Labs's Skyfire Web Browser is a mobile browser for iOS that uses server-side technology to display Flash videos from the Web on your iOS device.

Muji releases new productivity apps for iPad

Japanese retail company, Muji, has released three new productivity apps for the iPad: Muji Calendar, a scheduler app; Muji Notebook, a notebook app; and Muji to Go, a travel assistance app.

Chalk Web app turns your iPad into a Safari-based chalkboard

Two 37signals employees have put together a simple, free Web app that turns your iPad into a virtual chalkboard and can be used even when offline.

Code Clock's code-deactivated alarm keeps you from oversleeping

Cause Technology's Code Clock works like a typical alarm app, but rather than providing a merciful "off" or "snooze" button, the app forces you to enter a four or eight digit code in order to deactivate the alarm -- hopefully waking you up enough to start your day and not roll back into bed.

Remote HD update offers new features, graphics

Remote HD from Applied Dynamic lets iPhone, iPod touch and iPad be used as a remote control for Macs, PCs and first-generation Apple TVs. An update brings improved graphics and new features.

iPhone owners get clocked by iOS alarm bug

A bug with the Clock app's alarms robbed some Americans of an hour of sleep, and gave some in the U.K. one hour too many.