Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Be more productive with LaunchBar, Part 1

We love launcher utilities, which let you find and open files, folders, applications, and more using the keyboard. But what's the advantage over just using Spotlight? Senior editor Dan Frakes shows you some tips for using his favorite launcher, LaunchBar, to be more productive.

Adobe previews Shadow, a free Web development utility, on Adobe Labs

Adobe Shadow is designed to aid in the testing and inspection of new Web designs and updates on mobile devices, and make the process more efficient.

Get Siri-like functionality on your Mac with Speakable Items

Staff writer Lex Friedman walks you through using OS X's built-in functionality for handling Siri-like vocal commands.

Universal Access tips for everyone

Although Universal Access is designed with those with disabilities in mind, there are features within that can help everyone. Chris Breen points out some highlights.

Using Keychain Access

Need to recall a forgotten password? Have networks suddenly started nagging you for passwords? Keychain Access can help.

SocialFolders adds Evernote integration to service

SocialFolders, a new service that lets users sync media from their web-based social networks directly to their computers, is adding Evernote integration to its roster of services.

Expo Notes: Crestron offers home and business automation

Crestron lets you automate anything electrical in your home or office and control it all from an iOS device.

Expo Notes: Avatron's Air Dictate app may not be dead forever

Avatron told Macworld that it may reconsider plans to abandon its Air Dictate iOS app.

Macworld | iWorld: It's about business, too

It's not all art, music, and fun at this week's Macworld | iWorld exposition: Vendors are releasing business apps for the Mac and iPad, too.

Vocal app uses your iPhone 4S to control your Mac

A new $2 app for the iPhone 4S lets you use your phone to dictate to and control your Mac.

2011 App Gems

We've announced our App Gems Awards for 2011. Now get the inside scoop on which iOS apps captured our attention in the past year.

Microsoft releases official Xbox Live app for iOS

Out of left field, Microsoft has released an iOS client for its Xbox Live service, letting Xbox gamers log in, check their friends list, update their avatar, send messages, and more.

Our Editors' Choice Award winners

Earlier this week, Macworld unveiled the winners of its 27th annual Editors' Choice Awards. In this podcast, we explain the reasoning behind some of our Eddy selections.