Don't-Miss Software Stories

The Week in OS X Apps: Giving thanks

Having a hard time keeping up with all the wonderful new apps and updates that clamour for space on your Mac's hard drive? Here's a selection, just in time to keep you busy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Week in iOS Apps: Beatdown

This week’s roundup of iOS apps features a bit of the old ultraviolence, as well as innovative ways to make your teen hate you.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Reviewing the newest iPads, mastering software, easy backups

Our Macworld Doppler radar shows a lot of huge stories from the week gone by. It’s cloudy with a chance of MacBooks. Or more accurately, iPads and Mac minis. But MacBooks sounded better.

The Week in iOS Apps: A better Facebook

This week’s roundup of iOS apps offers new ways to shop, track your life, and make new websites.

A Halloween treat for Linux and Mac users: CrossOver is free today

Now available with 12 months of support, this software lets Windows apps run on other platforms.


What Apple's executive reshuffle means for the products you use

Senior editor Dan Moren detects a consistent throughline in Apple's recent reorganization: a trend towards better integration.

ScreenFlow 4 launches with new effects, workflow improvements

Telestream’s ScreenFlow, the much-lauded app for creating computer tutorial videos, has been upgraded with new features that make it easier to dazzle viewers and communicate important information.

Lawyer: Buyers have the right to resell copyright-protected works

U.S. residents who buy products protected by copyright shouldn't have to worry about where those products were manufactured before reselling them, a lawyer told the U.S. Supreme Court Monday.


The Week in iOS Apps: Zombies!

Get organized! Or get zombified! Either way, this week’s roundup of iPhone and iPad apps has you covered.

The Week in iOS Apps: The world is mine

This week’s collection of apps include new ways to navigate the world, as well as new options for destroying the planet in your home movies.

Google Street View adds 250,000 miles of more coverage

The updated imagery includes walk-throughs of parks, city centers and tourist attractions


Developers stymied by Mac App Store approval delays

Developers say that Mac App Store approval times are slow and getting worse.

Acrobat XI simplifies PDF editing, deepens ties to Microsoft Office

The next release of Adobe's signature PDF tool will integrate with Microsoft Office as it enhances PDF-editing, e-signatures, web forms, and mobile workflows.