Don't-Miss Software Stories

Apple video demo of GarageBand 2.1 (iOS) Live Loops

Live Loops features a large grid and users tap cells and columns to play looped instruments and samples.


Drones, VR, connected cars - The Wrap, CES 2016

On The Wrap this week, we take a look at the best of CES including virtual reality, the latest drones and connected cars ... and Nick says goodbye after 8 years of bringing you the latest tech news.

Toyota doubles down on autonomy

Toyota Research Institute will focus on developing autonomous driving technologies.

Countdown: Microsoft's big 2015

Blair Hanley Frank counts down some of the biggest news and announcements from Microsoft in 2015.

Algorithm vs. Humans

The movie shows 20 different people drawing a novel character (left) and the algorithm predicting how those images were drawn (right)

Top 3 biggest Facebook changes from F8

Here are 3 of the biggest changes to Facebook from the F8 conference.

How to edit your photos with iOS 8's Photos app

iOS 8's Photos app is more than just a shoebox for your images. It contains some terrific editing tools as well. Chris Breen takes you on a tour.

Ask The Editors - Macworld iWorld 2013

The audience at Macworld iWorld asks the editors questions and they do their best to answer them.

Best In Show - Macworld iWorld

Crazy Talk 7 is shown off at the best in show panel on the Macworld Live stage.

Fleksy Mobile Typing APP - CES 2013

Fleksy Mobile Typing APP - CES 2013