Don't-Miss Flash drive Stories

Crucial launches m4 solid-state drives

Lexar Media has announced the availability of the Crucial m4 SSD range, which boasts write speeds up to 20 percent faster than its predecessor.

SanDisk, Toshiba one up Intel, introduce 19nm flash memory

SanDisk and its partner Toshiba announced this week a 64Gbit NAND flash memory chip using 19-nanometer (nm) technology.

Remains of the Day: In a flash

Is Apple making some under-the-hood changes to the MacBook Air? And, if the iPad is now available at more stores, how come people are still lining up? Finally, while the iPad may be good for me and good for you, is it really good for America?

Intel and Micron shrink NAND flash

Intel and Micron Technology on Thursday said they had shrunk NAND flash memory in size, which could help add more storage and features to smartphones or tablets.

Sonnet announces Thunderbolt storage lineup

More than a month after Apple's unveiling of Thunderbolt, a growing number of peripheral manufacturers are joining the market to utilize the feature. Sonnet Technologies joined the effort Monday, announcing a new line of products that utilize the technology.

Intel, Micron to double SSD density by summer

Micron will begin shipping a new enterprise-class SSD based on the PCIe expansion card standard and the industry's smallest NAND flash circuitry -- 20...

Intel doubles capacity, drops price in refresh of SSD line

Intel today released the next generation of its consumer-class solid-state drive, replacing the retail market's best-selling X25-M line.

Analysts: Flash-hard disk hybrids in wide use by 2016

A quarter of new laptops and half of new desktop PCs will adopt an emerging data storage method by 2016, pairing flash memory with traditional hard disk drives.

Seagate updates drives in biggest-ever refresh

Seagate today announced five product refreshes that include both its solid-state drive (SSD) line and its high-performance, midrange and high-capacity hard-disks.

SSD firmware destroys digital evidence, researchers find

A technology built into many new solid state drives (SSDs) to improve their storage efficiency could inadvertently be making forensic analysis at a later date by police forces and intelligence agencies almost impossible to carry out to legally safe standards, researchers have discovered.

Can data stored on an SSD be secured?

Following a recent report that data on most SSDs is very difficult to completely erase, researchers and analysts say there are really only two methods to...

Intel unveils next gen SSDs with 6Gbps throughput

Intel on Monday announced its next line of new solid-state drives. The new Intel SSD 510 features fast SATA 6Gbps performance.

Seagate still looking into Momentus XT drive problems

Seagate has played down technical problems experienced in recent weeks by users of the company's Momentus XT hybrid hard drive.