Don't-Miss Optical drive Stories

Samsung announces new optical drive with Wi-Fi connectivity

Samsung on Friday announced its new SE-208BW Smart Media Hub. The SE-208BW is an optical disk drive that is equipped with Wi-Fi so users can stream CDs and DVDs to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

GE pushes ahead with 500GB holographic disc storage

GE is about to begin distribution of holographic optical disc technology and plans to license it to manufacturing partners in the next few months.

Is the optical drive going the way of the floppy?

Technology is ever changing. What was ubiquitous one day can be archaic the next. Cassette drives no longer run software. We don't transfer files on a floppy...

BeLight updates Disc Cover CD/DVD label design app

BeLight Software has released an update to its CD/DVD label designing software, Disc Cover, giving it 140 new templates, 30 artistic collages, support for multi-page booklets, a completely redesigned Assistant, and more.

Is the MacBook Air a peek into the future of laptops?

Much more than a "$999 netbook," the new MacBook Air might well be a harbinger of things to come in the world of mobile computing. Here's a look at three innovations to watch out for in future laptops.

Hitachi-LG prototypes 1TB Blu-ray cartridge storage for network backups

Hitachi-LG Data Storage has developed a prototype data storage device that uses Blu-ray Disc cartridges, each capable of holding a terabyte of data.

iTunes 10.0.1 updates Ping, more

Apple released an update to iTunes 10 on Friday, which makes some big changes to how the software's Ping music social networking portion works.

Lab tested: DVD ripping on the new iMacs

The new iMacs use different SuperDrive models, which can affect performance when ripping DVD movies.

Apricorn NetDock gives desktop functionality to MacBook Air

Apricorn's Aegis NetDock is a 3-in-1 500 GB hard drive, dual layer DVD-R drive, and 4-port USB hub in a pint-sized package.