Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Seagate shows world's thinnest portable drive

Storage giant Seagate has announced that it will put on sale what it claims is the world slimmest ever portable hard drive.

Intel, Micron to double SSD density by summer

Micron will begin shipping a new enterprise-class SSD based on the PCIe expansion card standard and the industry's smallest NAND flash circuitry -- 20...

Mac essentials: keyboard, mouse, drives

You might not give your keyboard, mouse, or hard drive much thought. But using them intelligently is the key to working efficiently on your Mac. Here are thirty things we think every smart Mac user should know how to do with these core peripherals.

Intel doubles capacity, drops price in refresh of SSD line

Intel today released the next generation of its consumer-class solid-state drive, replacing the retail market's best-selling X25-M line.

Cloud storage a steep climb for enterprise

It's been nearly five years since Amazon introduced its groundbreaking Simple Storage Service, or S3, as it's more commonly known. But despite that offering's track record, many enterprise IT executives still struggle with the notion of using cloud-based storage services to hold their corporate data.

Western Digital introduces 6TB dual-drive storage

Western Digital has rolled out its My Book Studio Edition II, which can be configured with up to 6TB of storage.

Analysts: Flash-hard disk hybrids in wide use by 2016

A quarter of new laptops and half of new desktop PCs will adopt an emerging data storage method by 2016, pairing flash memory with traditional hard disk drives.

Seagate updates drives in biggest-ever refresh

Seagate today announced five product refreshes that include both its solid-state drive (SSD) line and its high-performance, midrange and high-capacity hard-disks.

Micromat releases TechTool Pro 6

The new diagnostic and maintenance software includes new features for diagnosing and fixing problems in hard drives, including internal solid state and flash drives.

With Hitachi buy, Western Digital moves further ahead of rivals

While Western Digital faces hurdles with product overlap, its planned buyout of hard drive maker Hitachi GST is a good thing for both the company and the marketplace, analysts say.

Disk Drill protects and restores your storage media

A new Mac application from Cleverfiles watches your hard drives and other storage media for problems, then offers various restoration methods if things go wrong.

Western Digital to buy Hitachi's disk storage division for $4.3B

Western Digital announced it has entered into an agreement to buy Hitachi's hard drive subsidiary in a cash and stock deal valued at $4.3 billion.

SSD firmware destroys digital evidence, researchers find

A technology built into many new solid state drives (SSDs) to improve their storage efficiency could inadvertently be making forensic analysis at a later date by police forces and intelligence agencies almost impossible to carry out to legally safe standards, researchers have discovered.