Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Micron releases half-terabyte laptop SSDs

Micron Technology today announced a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) with up to 512GB of capacity.

Lexar doubles SD storage capacity with 128GB SDXC card

Lexar Media on Monday announced the first 128GB SDXC secure digital memory card, which could help products like digital cameras store more video and images.

The evolution of hard drives

The history of the hard drive, through pictures.

A brief history of the hard drive

Hard disk drives sure have come a long way, baby. In the 1950s, storage hardware was measured in feet—and in tons. Today, we have flash drives, microdrives, and onboard solid-state drives that weigh almost nothing, hold gigabytes of data and cost (compared to the 1950s) very little.

Use an old Mac as a backup server

So you got a new Mac for the holidays. What to do with your old Mac? Why not use it as a server for backup? Senior editor Christopher Breen shows how to set up a Mac as a backup server on your network.

Why Time Machine isn't enough for backup

Since its introduction as part of OS X 10.5 Leopard in 2007, Time Machine has given Mac users an easy way to back up and restore files. From the beginning, though, Time Machine’s design has made it less than ideal for certain backup needs. As time has passed, backup products have evolved. How does Time Machine compare to the competition today?

Analysts: flash storage to gain ground in 2011

Solid-state storage has helped to raise the wave of portable computer alternatives that has hit the market over the past few years, and 2011 is likely to see that technology become more affordable and better performing.

'ThumbDrive' ruled a protected trademark

Tthe government's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has ruled that "thumb drive" is not a generic term and therefore ThumbDrive is worthy of trademark protection.

Which online backup service is right for you?

A slew of Web services offer affordable online backup for your Mac including Backblaze, Mozy, Carbonite, JungleDisk, Dropbox, and CrashPlan. These services are often simple to use as well: you install software from the service on your computer, and it backs up your files over the Internet.

Synology announces new 15TB NAS device

Synology America Corp, a manufacturer of network attached storage devices for homes and businesses, announces the release of its newest server, the Disk Station DS1511+.

Hitachi unveils 500GB, razor-thin laptop hard drive

Hitachi has announced its highest capacity 2.5-in laptop drive, which comes with up to 500GB of capacity and exceeds competitor's products in areal density by...

Dropbox updated to 1.0, brings selective sync to masses

On Thursday evening, the company officially rolled out Dropbox version 1.0, bringing with it a whole host of improvements, including—to the joy of MacBook Air users everywhere—support for selective folder sync.

OWC offers DIY SSD upgrade kits for MacBooks, Mac mini

OWC on Tuesday announced its new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SSD Storage Upgrade Kit. The kit allows owners of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini to upgrade the hard drive and replace it with a solid-state drive (SSD) from OWC.

Synology releases 'budget-friendly' network storage solution

A new networked-attached storage device from Synology allows up to 6TB of storage and includes a built-in SD-card reader.

Toshiba announces enterprise-class SSD line

Toshiba announced its first 2.5-inch SAS SSDs for the enterprise, which sport fast sustained read rates of up to 510MBps.