Don't-Miss Tablet accessory Stories

The Week in iOS Accessories: A full-body experience

This week's roundup of new accessories proves that iOS is a full-body experience—we’ve got accessories for your ears, your chest, and even one that includes a gooseneck.

The Week in iPad Cases: Greener pastures

In this week's roundup of new iPad cases, your faithful Macworld staff has uncovered a number of potential protective options for your tablet, including some environmentally-conscious choices.

Remains of the Day: Apocalypse sometime

Something big is about to happen. Somewhere. Somehow. Sometime. Or not. While you're waiting for that maybe-possibly-could-be reveal, perhaps you'd like to hear about Steve Jobs's patent collection? Or you could just skip to a beer-utiful use for one of your iPad accessories.

Logitech announces Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad

Logitech on Thursday announced the Solar Keyboard Folio, a folio-style keyboard case for the iPad that charges via solar or ambient light and offers several unique features.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Sleep like a baby

This week's roundup of new iOS accessories includes gear to help you listen to music, make music, or simply get some rest.

Remains of the Day: Three-picture deal

Apple gets ready to play let's-make-a-deal with Hollywood, knocks off an Android app, and gets sued for being too smart.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Colors and cables

This week’s roundup of accessories for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch features everything from the practical to the spectacularly colorful.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Put a ring on it

There’s nothing an iPhone or iPad can't do. This week’s list of new iOS accessories lets you use your device as a ring, as a necklace, as part of a couch, or with a beer cooler. Sometimes you can even use it to play music or type your latest novella.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Listen up!

There are a million accessories for listening to music from your iPhone or iPad, and this week’s roundup includes about half of them, plus items to help you hold your phone or use it as a laser. Yes, a laser.

The Week in iPad Cases: Cork

In this week's iPad case roundup, we take a look at some great cases that help you protect your tablet from scratches, bumps, and all the other vicissitudes of everyday life. And hey...cork.

Remains of the Day: Won't get fooled again

One rumor has Apple getting physical with iOS gaming; Consumer Reports's ability to hold two contradictory ideas in its head has yet to cause a psychotic break; and an indie movie about Steve Jobs gets half a man as its lead.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Now hear this!

There are always more ways to listen to music on your iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. This week's roundup of recently announced iOS accessories includes a few.

The Week in iPad Cases: Fortune and glory

It's time for another Macworld iPad case roundup, and the third-generation iPad is still front and center in the minds of case manufacturers.