Don't-Miss Tablet accessory Stories

The Week in iPad Cases: Leather-fu

This week's iPad case roundup features leather, robots, and hand straps.

The Week in iPad Cases: Less is more

We're back with another iPad case roundup, and this week's installment features some minimalistic designs that provide protection without getting in the way of your beautiful tablet, as well as some great products that surround the beauty of an iPad with their own luxury and great looks.

Hands on with the Woodees iPic Stylus

Staff editor Serenity Caldwell strums out a few notes with the Woodees iPic Stylus in this Macworld video.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Mount up!

You love your iPad. You play games, watch video, and read books on it all the time. But doesn't that make your wrist tired? Of course it does! This week's roundup of iOS accessories features a number of opportunities to use your tablet hands-free.

Twelve South PlugBug combines MacBook, iPad chargers

Twelve South's innovative PlugBug snaps onto your MacBook's power brick and provides a USB port for charging your iPad or iPhone.

Remains of the Day: Sunny side up

Apple plans to bring clean energy to a power-hungry facility, Sprint searches for an influx of cash, and a Steve Jobs special makes its way to the airwaves.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Open the pod bay doors, Siri

We've so quickly grown accustomed to the magic of iOS devices that we're surprised when a device comes along to remind us that iPhones and iPads used to be the stuff of science fiction. We've got a classic movie reference and more in this week's roundup of accessories.

Apple updates iPad 2 Smart Cover line

Apple on Monday tweaked its Smart Cover product line.

Turn sunlight into power with Changers kit, website

Berlin-based Changers is rolling out a charging kit that not only converts sunlight into power for charging devices like the iPhone and iPad, but also calculates how much energy you're creating. Download that info to the Changers website, and you can earn credits that can be redeemed with eco-minded retailers.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Buds in the hood

There are so many ways to listen to your iPhone and iPad these days. This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes new AirPlay-enabled devices, but also ways to listen to music while wearing a hoodie or riding a bike.

Doxie Go offers wireless scanning to Mac, iOS devices

Apparent has unveiled the Doxie Go, a portable scanner that can wirelessly sync photos, documents, and receipts to your Mac, iOS device, or several online sharing services.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Hog heaven

This week's roundup of iOS accessories brings to mind just one word: SOO-EY! Here are a few of the new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch add-ons, porcine and non-porcine, that caught our eye. There's even a new Apple-branded accessory for our European friends.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Feeling remote

Your iPhone or iPad is surely useful to you, but let's face it: Apple's mobile products are also just plain fun. This week's roundup of iOS accessories includes tanks, wall-climbing cars, and speakers. And if you're still looking for something useful, we've got you covered there, as well.

The Week in iPad Cases: Mirror, mirror on the wall

It's time for another of our weekly iPad-case roundups. This week, we see how even more third-party case manufacturers are learning to love the Smart Cover.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Now we're cookin'!

There are a number of new speaker systems in this week's roundup of iOS accessories, along with new options for charging your iPad and using it into the kitchen.