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The Week in iOS Accessories: CES mania!

The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas, which means a weeklong deluge of new gadgets and gear. We've been covering many new products individually, but here are a number of other iOS accessories that are worth a look.

Mac, iOS products abound at CES's Digital Experience

Before the International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off on Tuesday, gadget makers show off their wares at Monday night's Digital Experience. Serenity Caldwell and Alexandra Chang visited the showcase, looking for standout Mac and iOS products.

Remains of the Day: Crash course

Acer takes a page from Apple's playbook--well, more like a slide or two from its presentation deck--while Microsoft's hyperbole engines are still firing on all cylinders. And CES becomes the place to launch your products off a short pier.

The Week in iOS Accessories: CES preview

Next week is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and accessory makers are already releasing details of new products they'll unveil. Here are a few that have caught our eyes.

The Week in iOS Accessories: All the colors of a rainbow

Christmas is over! You have a new iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. What accessories do you need? Here are some of the latest.

Must-have hardware for your new Mac

Looking to spruce up that new Mac you got for the holidays? Our list of recommended hardware is meant to make your Mac perform better than it already does.

The Week in iPad Cases: Bookworm

It's holiday time, which means lots of new iPads making the rounds. Here's the latest in new cases for all those pretty tablets.

Kid-friendly iOS Accessories

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch accessories that will make your favorite iOS device more kid-friendly

Remains of the Day: Copycat cases

Apple's got a new case on cases, first-generation iPod nano owners are turning into sixth-generation iPod nano owners, and Siri tickles the ivories (but not your funny bone).

Cooking with the iPad: Gadgets for iPad-toting chefs

The iPad can be a great helper in the kitchen. These gadgets will help your iPad help you.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Take a stand

There are plenty of iPad stands in this week's roundup of iOS accessories, but we've also got items that help you shoot better photos, keep your hands warm, print documents...and blow out the windows of every house on your street.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Back to the future

Want to make professional-looking videos? Escape to the 1970s? Play fun board games? This week's roundup of iOS accessories has a little something for everybody.

AirPlay speakers you can actually buy

AirPlay-enabled speaker systems are finally widely available.