Don't-Miss HDTV Stories

Wireless HD video standard final, promises 1080p support

The Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) Consortium announced on Tuesday that its wireless technology specification has finally reached a completed state, and will support 1080p resolution.

D-Link and Boxee unveil Boxee Box

D-Link and Boxee have teamed up to develop the Boxee Box, a hardware player that runs the Boxee home media software.

Sony's 3D TV plans become a little clearer

Sony hopes 3D-capable TV sets will account for up to half of all TVs it sells in 2012, an executive said in an interview.

Looking to buy an HDTV for the holidays? Now's a good time

If an HDTV--for yourself or for some lucky gift recipient--is on your holiday shopping list, you're in luck, thanks to attractive pricing.

Apple posts guidelines on 27-inch iMac’s Target Display mode

The new 27-inch iMacs can serve as external displays for other devices. An Apple support document lets you know how to get the most out of the new feature.

California Energy Commission rule to impact HDTV industry

For the California Energy Commission, the voluntary guidelines of the Federal Energy Star program aren't enough to curb energy guzzling by HDTVs.

CES 2010 Preview: Gloom, but not doom

Consumer Electronics Association officials see some breaks in the clouds for rising technologies such as e-book readers, 3D televisions, and mobile apps, as the group that organizes the CES trade show gave its forecast for the coming year.

Logitech to buy HD video company for $405 million

Logitech has agreed to buy HD video communications company LifeSize for $405 million.

Apple TV 3.0.1 update addresses disappearing content issue

Apple says users who've upgraded to the recently released Apple TV 3.0 software should download this update to prevent a problem where content temporarily disappears from the set-top box until it's resynced.

Report: Apple pitching TV subscription service to networks

According to reports, Apple is flogging a $30 per month television service to content providers—but will the networks bite?

First Look: Apple TV 3.0

Apple TV 3.0 is out, and it's got some nice improvements. But it does make you wonder, what's the future of Apple's endless hobby?

iTunes 9.0.2 update adds Apple TV 3.0 support

The iTunes 9.0.2 update released on Thursday adds support for the new Apple TV 3.0 software, plus a new dark Grid view background option.

Apple releases Apple TV 3.0 software

Apple's latest major Apple TV update includes a new main menu interface, and support for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content, as well as Genius Mixes.