Don't-Miss HDTV Stories

Beyond cable: the Mac mini media machine

Building your own Mac mini media server is not the easiest way to augment the content you get from your cable provider. But it's also the most powerful.

Beyond cable: the Roku solution

There are plenty of ways to connect your HDTV to the Internet, to get content your cable provider doesn't give you. A set-top media player like the Roku XDS is one of the best. Christopher Breen explores its pros and cons.

Beyond cable: Apple TV

Looking for more programming than your cable TV provider gives you? The Apple TV is one way to watch video content from the Internet and your Mac on your HDTV. But is it the best way? Christopher Breen weighs the pros and cons.

Sharp develops super high-def screen for future TV

Japan's Sharp has developed an 85-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) panel with resolution equivalent to 16 times that of today's HDTV panels.

Supreme Court decision makes it harder to form class suits

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a decision that will make it harder for consumers to bring class-action lawsuits against providers of products and services such as mobile phones and cable TV.

Remains of the Day: Long live the iPod classic

Steve Jobs denied the demise of the iPod classic as recently as last fall, Apple may be thinking about bringing AirPlay to a big screen near you, and an iPhone 4 succeeds where Humpty Dumpty failed.

Analyst: Market for 3D TVs, portables to grow in 2011

Sales of 3D television sets and handheld devices will surge this year after a weak start in 2010 as manufacturers step up production and marketing, industry research firm Ovum says.

Meet the McTiVia

See for yourself why the McTiVia captured a Best of Show award at Macworld Expo in this quick video.

3DTV makers hope for a better 2011

Ever-optimistic 3D TV makers say a wider selection of films and some modest technology improvements should make 2011 a better year.

LG shows 4.3-inch, 7-inch glasses-free 3D screens at CES

LG Electronics introduced a new 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D screen for mobile devices and a similar prototype 7-inch 3D screen on a mobile TV.

CES preview: HDTV trends to look for this week

Expect lots of talk about 3D television and improvements in LED technology at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

LG to show monster, mobile 3D TVs at CES

LG Electronics plans to unveil 3D televisions at both ends of the size spectrum at next week's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Cautious consumers 'confused by 3DTVs'

Consumers don't understand the benefit of 3DTVs and as a result sales have failed to hit expectations, according to retailers.